by Sniper Joe
The dead walk..Will you surive? [More]

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Date added: Dec 26 2005
Last updated: Dec 29 2005
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Red Light Games Presents

Xombies is an enticing, RPG/Action game. Has multiple modes of play.

Normal - Play as your character in a given scenario.

Survival - Your characters are placed in a given scenario with limited supplies and must survive.

It seemed as if everything was normal, but one morning, the dead began to rise. The cuase of this was unknown, but what has been found out that is your blood is mixed with any substance from a "Xombie's" blood/saliva/etc you will soon die and become a Xombie. Now though, we have seen that no matter what, sooner or later after you die, you will become a Xombie. Xombies seem to have one goal, to feed on humans...


Idea - Sniper Joe, StickPsyko
Programmer - Sniper Joe
Design - StickPsyko
Icon Artist - Sniper Joe

(Custom Music by: Vortezz

Some Icons: Super Saiyan Goku X)

Copyright 2005+ Red Light Games