Naruto: Next Generation

by Sstrunks9999
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Version 3.8
Date added: May 10 2012
Last updated: Jul 24
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Naruto: Next Generation
NNG 2.2 - Open Beta [More]

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The original NNG.

Dante(SinfulPhoenix) - Owner
Muru(Swagtastic) - GM
Dppickle(Dppickle) - GM
Seiten Masta(Seiten Zero) - GM
Death(Ags1692) - Mod

Special thanks to Berlin2222 for creating NNG!


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Nick0097655: (Jul 25, 7:24 pm)
Paulslayer1000: (Jul 25, 7:46 am)
annnnnnnnnnnnnd there goes my favorite game
Paulslayer1000: (Jul 23, 12:53 pm)
that dog O.o
Lastwarrior: (Jul 22, 9:42 pm)
Paulslayer1000: (Jul 22, 5:37 am)
What did you hear O.o