Naruto: New Legends

by Sstrunks9999
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Version 3.8
Date added: May 10 2012
Last updated: Sunday
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Naruto: New Legends
The best Naruto game out there. Fast leveling, new original content, and extremely updated. [More]

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Naruto: New Legends

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6 villages, 30 clans, and 5 elements to choose from!

Naruto: New Legends








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SkySean: (Apr 9, 1:59 pm)
Free to Play. Naruto New Legends. MMO RPG PVP. Go to War in a game with 6 Villages, 2 Organizations, or be a Missing Ninja. Choose from 30+ clans to fight with for higher ranks or simply Arena fight other players and participate in all kinds of Events. Join us in a fast pace fighting game and enjoy your own adventure in Naruto New Legends!!
Wassim: (Mar 22, 7:07 pm)
when ever i try to log in it says connection died
Majjin_Matrix: (Mar 19, 4:20 pm)
dante have mercy please bring the server back up
Imjohny1: (Mar 16, 3:05 pm)
No Idea Why The Games Still Down.
Nick0097655: (Mar 7, 6:15 pm)