Final Resurrection: Classic

by Toddab503
Final Resurrection: Classic
Do you have what it takes to reach the Final Resurrection?

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Date added: Mar 2 2015
Last updated: Mar 3 2015
Last played: Aug 9 2016
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Darth Vader: (Mar 13, 3:14 pm)
I remember FR, too bad all the oldies aren't around. I dont have the host file unfortunately
Darth Vader: (Mar 13, 3:12 pm)
Is volk even alive anymore? Lol
Toddab503: (Mar 11 2015, 11:53 am)
Sorry for the delay. I thought I'd be alerted if these forums got any responses.

Classic is a DBZ fan game, although the DBZ elements are very loose. It also uses RPG Maker graphics, mixed with icons made by someone else. It's almost identical to an old version of Final Resurrection by Volkov911, except with some improvements.

The other is an original game very loosely inspired by DBZ with original graphics made by myself, some different systems and advancements, and it in general will be changing quite a lot in a later update. It will be heading in a far different direction from either this, or its current versions.
Ganite: (Mar 5 2015, 9:34 am)
Dumb for asking a question any one would like to know?