Shinko Zaiaku

by Twaon
A fighting game. More characters will be added in the future. [More]

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Version 1.3
Date added: May 7 2010
Last updated: Jul 30 2010
Last played: Mar 18 2011
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-->Current: Beta 1.3v

Shinko Zaiaku is a game I made out of bordom lol. But it's a game were you play as diffferent made up characters. This is still in the beta version so there aren't many characters but this is an open testing and anyone is welcome.


Owner: Twaon
Co-Owner: Jimmy
Master Admin: Jeral
Admins: Kauhner
Hub Creator: Twaon and Jimmy


1. Respect all players and GMs :D
2. No spamming
3. No killing inside training area
4. Do not have the same name as your key this will confuse the system
5. Have fun!


GM Rules:
1. No abusing powers
2. Have a good reason for what you do
3. Do NOT let anyone inside the GM room unless they win something
4. Do NOT give out boosts to everyone unless they win something
5. Do not argue with other GMs and act like a GM


Tear - A controller of time able to stop enemy movements for periods of time. This character is also able to deal quick combo's making his attack time near 0. Time Controller holds a special skill called Space Ripple which allows him to temporarily take his enemy to a different dimmesion "his" dimmesion were he can control everything.

Deadpool - This character is able to deal quick and painful blows from long range as well as short range. Deadpool specializes in guns and swords.

Silencio - Beware this character. Silencio is able to turn invisible and hover around his enemies waiting for the perfect moment to strike. His Silent Zone and Silent Nightmare are dangerous and they take the opponent into a dreadful nightmare also blinding them. Advice: I would say run but...from Silencio there is no such thing as running.

Chrono - This character is a power house. He deals massive explosive damage to his opponents capable of destroying them in 1 hit.

Kauhner - This character is a cool kick back silent type with power character. Though Kauhner doesn't show it much with an cocky attitude he's actually quite strong and ruthless in his attacks. Said to be the strongest Crusader in history Kauhner upholds his title as a True Crusader.

Spectra - This character deals damage to himself for the sins of humanity, then deals even greater damage to his opponent who cannot bear the sins of humanity. He needs no energy to use his attacks thanks to his blood sacrifice.

Kern - A kid character. Though Kern is a kid he is a fighting genius. Kern is capable of quick devastating combo's and multiple strikes. He has hidden true energy which would render even the most powerful of opponents powerless.

Synthia - A girl character who loves her goddess Shia. Synthia calls upon her goddess to grant her strength. This character is able to heal herself. She can also inflict massive damage to her opponents a lot of times, but due to her soft heart she cries when she see's her enemies suffer.

Shinji - This character can control lightning and is very confident that he can beat anyone. He often prefers to everyone as weak and unable to beat him and that he always waste his time on the weak. Thus showing that Shinji sorta shows a cocky attitude but he has the power to back it up.

Krew - This character is a sword master. This character sword skills goes unmatched and is peerless to all others. With his techniques he can make a quick death and before you know it your in pieces.

Crow - This character can control gravity. With this power he often says that all his opponents are boring because none can resist the force of gravity no matter the struggle. He suffocates his enemies to death or crush them down to the single bone. Crow is a very cool but also very cruel killing character. Though he does feel pity towards his enemy and kill them swiftly at times.

Cougar - A mysterious man. Weapons of choice, claws. Cougar is widely known for his appearance seeming to be in a proper suit attire along with a hood. Other than his appearance wise known he is also well known for his strength to carry out nearly impossible task. Cougar is much respected throughout the assassin world looking up to another widely known assassin named "Silencio". Cougar dreams of surpassing Silencio with his assassin skills, but question is, has Cougar already surpassed Silencio?

Kritiza - Kritiza weapon of choice is a scythe. He wears weird clothing that is a sacred clothing said to be given to him by the god of death Renshi. Kritiza techniques consist of the five moon dances from new moon to the full, and with this his technique with his scythe is said to be unrivaled.

Asjinou - This character is an ancient warrior from 1,000 years ago awaken from the Sji warrior clan. His body seems to be covered in blue markings representing he was the strongest in his clan. He normally shows a berserker like temper getting hostile most of the time. He uses ancient seishou techniques to form alive energy great enough to crumble cities to ashes.

Wituri - Wituri is a loner often seen travelling alone... He speaks an ancient Dratonic language and knows only 1 meaning in english and it's "My my... How troublesome..." which seems to be the only english thing he says. He uses wires, hand to hand combat most of the time, but when he gets serious he has a power that can control and crush the inside organs of any beings making him nearly impossible to get near.


Hottodef: (Jul 8 2010, 7:57 pm)
This is a fun game :)
Jimmyjasy: (Jul 1 2010, 5:46 pm)
Twaon: (May 27 2010, 10:00 am)
What do you all think of the characters added so far?