Bleach: The Adventures Begun

by Waynelam49
Bleach: The Adventures Begun
24/7 host! New shikais and arrancar masks coming up! fast lvling! [More]

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Date added: Nov 5 2007
Last updated: May 20 2012
Last played: Jul 11 2009
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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Special thanks to Skye-Sama and Troj!

This game features:
A secret map
Yoruichi unlocks potential to humans
Tousens Zanpakutoh
Ukitakes Zanpakutoh
Benihimes Zanpakutoh
Meno Forest
And more!


1.No links to any porn websites (it will be a result of a permanent ban)
2.No spam of any kind (first warning mute then boot then ban)
3.No Advertising about any other game (boot then ip ban)
4.DO NOT disrespect any gms and if theyre abusing just tell me it on msn or ingame
5.No asking for gm ingame if i want you as a gm ill ask you
6.No attacking in safe zone or anywhere near safe zone (hospital, soul society squad 4 house and etc)
7.No bug abusing, if u find a bug, tell a gm and they would contact me

GM Rulez:
1.Don't abuse anything!
2.All player rules apply to you
3.No tele/summon killing
4.Don't invite random people to gm room unless they won a tourney

Rankers no longer get boosts, Bleach: The Adventures Begun thinks people should rank the game only if they love the game ^_^.