by Xooxer
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DreamDownload byond://Xooxer.Chatters##version=0

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Version 0.1
Date added: Sep 8 2006
Last updated: Oct 10 2012
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The greatest chat program on BYOND! [More]

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If you've been banned from a channel, you're *not* banned from Chatters. That's quite impossible, actually.

The Channel Server is an open-source project. You can download the source from my member's blog and host your own channel, just as others are doing.

If you don't like the class of people who hang out in the public channels, you are encouraged to host your own Channel Server.

Discussions about Chatters have been closed. If you wish to protest your ban from a particular channel, contact that channels' founder or ops.



Developous: (May 6, 10:36 pm)
I don't need luck.
I need RESULTS, whether they like it or not.

Xirre: (May 6, 10:35 pm)
Okay. Well, I'm going to sleep. Good luck with that.
Developous: (May 6, 10:31 pm)
I'm hoping someone responds to the above.

Point me to a chat area that is willing to negotiate to the bitter end - both sides, and I will enter it. But they must be willing to accept any FAIR terms as well.

Preferably the mods/admins will listen to above.
But they don't care no matter what - even though it's justice AND truth. (There is NO excuse for justice backed with truth - regardless the actions and intents)

To add insult to injury, they see me as a TERRORIST.
Xirre: (May 6, 10:27 pm)
Not to be rude or anything, but, why are you talking to yourself? You've been at this for quite a while.
Developous: (May 5, 7:56 pm)
I admit that discipline is hated, but I deeply care for my sense of honor. I'm not trying to be a control freak, I just care for proper justice regardless how hated it may be.

The prime hub's way is to RECONCILE - never to condemn if it can help it. The LAST measure the hub will act upon is 'the death' so you know. Instead, it expects justice of OTHERS based on the evidence given, just like a proper court.

The reason for war is because of one law. It's mandatory, due to the disciplines involved with the nexians, to RESPECT them no matter what. If they break that respect, people have every right to fine them to maintain such. But... the fines must be FAIR(they don't have to be reasonable, though).

You banned me over mere justice. So... get your arse over to Ghazmar NOW for a lesson in humility.

This is JUST war. No terms(except establishing the places, that's required for the nexus to connect). I will respect your decision to ban me, but your disrespect cannot be overlooked.
That's all.

Drill Seargent, Avadon - prime nexian.

{p} "Justice backed with truth must not/cannot be opposed"

Yes, I'm eating my pride now. I have no ethics no thanks to everyone who opposed me in the past.

Keep in mind that the nexus's point system is an economic system backed with discipline as well. Think of it as a rating mechanic good for ANYTHING game oriented.