Looking for an individual who is good with creating spell effects via pixel art. No room for mediocre work either, but it also doesn't have to be amazing as it can be edited later for a better visual. Suukou Faita is only in need of 6 more spells to reach it's near-public test phase. If you are able to assist, just leave a comment here. The reason for this is I'm quite busy with full-time work, and mapping is taking quite some time.
I'm willing to help out. I'm a solid pixel artist who follows through with offers I make - the last person I helped was Oasiscircle for his game "Delve" one week ago. I also pop out high-quality GFX like a vending machine, I did thirty effects in three hours for an ambitious game me and ExPixel made plans for.

You can see my member site to check out some of my stuff(On the Art blog).

If it's an OK, then tell me what you need and I'll get it done.
New css? i like the fact that the project's overflow property has been sorted. ah and that Example1's pretty neat, should do it for the rest of the examples.

Yut put.. has a good reputation, so he's not a bad choice. he's produced some good work.

Make those spells, i want to play it now.
Yut Put wrote:
If it's an OK, then tell me what you need and I'll get it done.

Alright. What is your contact information so we can discuss?
i love to help out branks just hit me up on MSN
Get Duelmaster409 to do it. I herd his rly gr8 n ligit.
Still looking for assistance.