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Epic Win


Sep 20, 9:30 am
ex sorry im no chek the rules pls sorry im stop talk br the occ sorry
Sep 20, 6:57 am
my Utra pack not Funfing
Aug 19, 7:23 pm




Konomatoz is one of his keys. He abuses very hard on the server. He has bugged his way out of jail with a splitform some how, invisible icons, Infinite money and he doesn't speak english in ooc where in the rules your suppose to.
Aug 4, 5:49 pm
Still banned and seriously don't appreciate being banned for stuff I didn't do...
Aug 1, 3:00 pm
Yo Exgen I havent been on in years. Still haven't touched te game. I was talking with Tens about it for afew months though. About me hosting the game. He said for the most part I should be okay to play. But aboutme being banned for hosting,I"d like to talk to you about it. I'd really like to host again,and I can also bring a multitude fof players with me. Considering I never directly abused, but edited th races and rank to as it bugged the game, I'd like to have one more chance at hosting. If you give me one more shot,I can promise that no abuse will go on. If there is any slight abuse, You can ban the server on a whim. I tat isntenugh to convne you, I'll py you aout 20 or so dollars on paypal. If I abuse you can keep the money and ban me. Please, think it over

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