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Epic Win


Jul 26, 7:32 am
plz unban my ip from well everything. feel free to look at the logs not once have I personally done anything wrong. with the exception of playing on a unapproved server which i was told to my face was approved.(The server in question was using my connection. said host is moving to a different state today and will therefore be using a different ip anyways.
Dark luigi64
Jul 10, 1:22 pm
Adam Ducks lookin' mother fucker.
Yoshikage Kira
Apr 27, 1:56 pm
You probably dont care. But Ive been banned for like a couple of moneths. YOu dont have to unban me form hosting, you could at least let me play the game.
Apr 26, 7:25 pm
exgen u banned for no reason i didnt ddos threat... i dont even know what that is can i please get unbanned. if u do this u wont have to worry about me again. k unban me please k thx ;D
Apr 23, 5:04 pm
I really like this game plz

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