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Epic Win


Feb 18, 8:25 am
You can stop all the private servers Mr Spiers
Feb 11, 5:32 am
You are banned.
Reason: Using OOC portals, Metagaming heaven, Picking up shit after asking for admin help. Refusing to adhere to admin demands.
Time Remaining: 216.69 hours

I have not the slightest Idea what A ooc portal is For one.

I didnt meta game thats a Bold face lie i didnt say anything to anyone Occ or iccly while i was stuck in heaven Except when i asked Both admins for help.

picking up shit? After asking for help isnt aloud? .... okay You should probably write that in the rules<.

Refusing to adhere to admin demands... DID I REFUSE? DID I REALLY REFUSE? Lol did i say NO OR I REFUSE? or did i not see you wrote... "get out the spacepod" you couldve teleported to me that wouldve been more effective then a small text in the corner of my screen while im playing. lol you didnt catch me doing anything i didnt non rp or anything i asked ... for help.... <-- lol really REALLY? Just wanted to get that all out there Toodles

Idc to be unbanned but i want AN APOLOGY lol gabe needs to work on a proper due process system
Jan 12, 8:47 pm
Server Lag Very Hard
Dec 1 2014, 3:16 am
BUY me Ultra?pack wtf
Dec 1 2014, 3:16 am
Why Server PVP Offline ????

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