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Wednesday, 9:42 pm
byond:// exg question can you do anything about false framming on someone private or invisible server? i been ban for a reason idk what. they say i abuse when i beat them fair and square but yet they say i broke thru a 2.8 bill wall when im on at like 2mill bp and how is it possible and they said something about body swap bug so i guess when one of the admin use body swap on me it may have bugged me or didn't bug me but all i know is they ban me for nothing on my account.
Sep 20, 9:30 am
ex sorry im no chek the rules pls sorry im stop talk br the occ sorry
Sep 20, 6:57 am
my Utra pack not Funfing
Aug 19, 7:23 pm




Konomatoz is one of his keys. He abuses very hard on the server. He has bugged his way out of jail with a splitform some how, invisible icons, Infinite money and he doesn't speak english in ooc where in the rules your suppose to.
Aug 4, 5:49 pm
Still banned and seriously don't appreciate being banned for stuff I didn't do...

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