Racing Online

by Ark0n
Race against your opponets. Win money in gambels, watch others race. When your not racing you go find new parts. You should really play.
Top Racers:
1. Wait till grand Race
2.Wait till grand race
2. Wait till grand race

Updates that will be happening in V1.5
1. Weapons for cars
2. Grand Race
3. Traveling and buying new parts

Updates that might me in V1.5
1. Car skills ex. Super Speed etc

Current Thing you can do.
1. Race your heart out.
2. Bump into people.

Owner: Ark0n (Ryuu)
Host: ??? Idk im stuck betwean 4 ppl im one of them
Map: Ryuu (Ark0n)
GFX: Ark0n (Ryuu)