Naruto The Final Battle

by Dayvon64
Naruto The Final Battle
New Mission System - New Senjutsu System - New Kekkei Genkai System - New MS System - New Map

-About Naruto The Final Battle-

Naruto The Final Battle is a game originally published by Matt in October 2006. Inspired by Naruto Izou (a game released released between the years of 2004-2005) it grew a very close knit fan base that supported the game for years. As the game updated it slowly became it's own thing and reached many players.

Through the years NTFB has been inherited by devoted players who wished to continue the legacy and further develop the game. Among these previous Owners were Sefirosu, a close friend to Matt, and CoolStoryBro. These two have helped improve the game's systems, clans, and more. Today the game is owned by Dayvon a former player of Naruto The Final Battle. This iteration includes an entirely new map and delves into a more deeper experience for Non-Clans.

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- New Mission System
- New Senjutsu System
- New Kekkei Genkai System
- New Mangekyo Sharingan System
- New Map
- New Jutsu
- & So Much More!

-Staff Team-

Dayvon64 / Dayvon - Owner
KinGRawR67/ KeN - Senior Admin
Kunwar1234 / Anu- Admin
Shadow_Pyro / Shadow - Admin
PhantomKurei/ Kurei - Moderator
NsgHochkis/ NsgHochkis - Moderator


XzDog- For releasing Naruto Izou and allowing us to grow from what were humble beginnings to where we are now
NeoAce - For granting us not only use of his original icons in Izou, but finding and contacting Matt to allow us to use more updated versions
Branks - Original Izou Icon Artist
Malkortia - Original Izou Icon Artist
Matt3151 / Matt - Main programmer for NTFB
DarkX85 / Kalak - Main iconner for NTFB
Mike4593 / Sefirosu - Co-owner and Head Administrator for NTFB
UlquiorraSchiffer4 / Hydra - Submitted Icons
Reddeye / Reddeye - Submitted Icons
Silent0killa / Daniil - Submitted Icons
Treak - Submitted Icons
Ashley - Submitted Icons
FluffyKitten / Kitty - Helped with Programming
Kidsparda / Quattro - Submitted Icons
Mannyv1107 / Iruna - Submitted Icons / Submitted New Map
Leon Asakura - Hub Art
Zezu - Submitted Icons
Kawa - Submitted Icons
Spevacus - Helped with Programming
Bravo1 - Helped with Programming
Heyblinx - Helped with Programming
Ghost - Submitted Icons
WannaComeAtMeBro / CoolStoryBro - Previous Owner
Milthorp - Submitted Icons