Dragonball Mystical Legends

by Digifais
A Brand New Dragonball Game, Enjoy Your Time!
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Game Info
This Is A Great Dragonball Z Game With Lots Of Special Effects,Races,Techniques,Quests,Sagas And A Lot More!The Game Is Only In Testing Now,So Dont Except Much.Im Working As Fast As I Can.Have Alot Of Fun!!!
Version 1.0
Its Only Now In Testing,So Dont Except Much.Im Working So Fast If I Can.
Owner: Lord Raimo (Digifais)
Co-Owner: Josha (Strikery)
Co-Owner 2: Kjetil (Kak Pis)
Programmer(s): Lord Raimo-Looking For More
Pixel Artists: Paladin Knight
Mappers: Lord Raimo
GFX: Paladin Knight
Forum: Lord Raimo

If You Wanna Apply For Staff Please Contact Me
You Will Need To Send Me A Sample Of Your Work,Then If Your Good You Will Be Promoted To Staff,Depending On The Icon/Code You Give.