Pascal's Challenge

by SuperAntx
A short demo showcasing various game mechanics. You play the role of Pascal, a steam mechanist who must circumvent obstacles using his trusty steam pack.
2010 Casual Game Competition Entrants:
SuperAntx - Programming
MdNight - Pixel Art

Special Thanks:
D4RK3 54B3R - Box Icons
forum_account - Bounding Box Demo
Bah, 11th! Atleast it didn't take me 5 minutes lol.
#3 woot
Youngj52032 wrote:
#3 woot

-Is jealous-
Cool Game
Probably one of the better displays of BYOND's possible mechanics I have ever seen.

Found it in a thread response to Falacy's ignorance. Major props.
Neat little demo. Would like to see a full game with the physics it contains. It runs VERY smooth. =)
Absolutely love it
Now you're 37th. :P

And I'm 10th at the time of writing this.
Fun game, good concept. would be nice if it was fleshed out and finishsed.
Is this like Pascal's Triangle in Algebra 2