by Oasiscircle
Explore an endless dungeon to rid it of its inhabitants!
If you set the sound's status to SOUND_UPDATE, it won't restart when you re-output it to change the volume.

It's important.
how do i drop stuff, if i can??
Great little game, but I am frustrated because I found a breastplate and a sword which I had to leave behind since I was holding a dagger, and half-broken buckler and helmet!
Great game, but the diamond item I couldn't find the use for it. If I knew the use, it would be less annoying to have in my gear. =/
In response to Coolman1250
If you collect 3 or more and use them you gain extra live(s)!

3 -> 1UP
4 -> 2UP
5 -> 3UP

Was fun (b'-')b
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