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Programmer for Hazordhu. Helps the code newbs. Manages the BYOND Discord.


Aug 1 2019, 12:23 pm
oi o meu jogo ta bugado acho, eu tava jogando spacestation13 e simplesmente eu nao consiguia ver os bonecos eles estavam invisiveis e so dava para ver o cabelo e eu nao sei oque fazer pode me ajudar
Apr 20 2018, 8:56 pm
Tabletop graphics are cheap to import.
Tabletop touch-mechanics were cheap to install. If you invest your 500. you could prototype one game. And hold onto it LMAO
Aug 8 2016, 1:24 pm

The <dm> tag has a width of 99 columns.
Jun 21 2015, 9:06 pm
I saw you pop over into my little 2D MUCK. Sorry I wasn't around to say hello!
Jun 13 2015, 10:37 pm
wtf are you doing on this website kao

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Kaiochao's Games
Compete for the top score!
First Place
A fun little game.
Re: About Break
Simon clone!
About Colory
Connect Four
The classic!
About Connect Four
Aquatic side-scrolling survival.
Re: About Diver
Fire at everything!
About Endure
A clone of Terry Cavanagh's Hexagon.
Re: About Hexagon
Keep It Up!
Keep calm and bounce the ball.
Re: About Keep It Up!
Sling balls into buckets!
Re: First Update
Tabletop Simulator
A simulation of a tabletop covered in interactive things.
Re: Public Alpha
A very simple puzzle game.
About Tacoyaki
Little blue circles shooting red circles!
Re: About shootah
shootah in space
Take over the ship!
Re: First patch
Kaiochao's Demos
Discord Webhook
Demonstrates how to send messages to Discord.
Re: About Discord Webhook
Hide Behind
See through what you're hiding behind.
Re: About Hide Behind
image.override demo
See what's fun about image.override!
About image.override demo
KaioCode Demos
Demo files for KaioCode
About KaioCode Demos
Tabletop Simulator Source
Free source code!
Re: About Tabletop Simulator Source
It's a car.
Re: About car
A few slightly different ways to do it, all using native maptext.
Re: About nametags
basically luftrausers
Re: About planes
Kaiochao's Libraries
Any Macro
Track buttons using the Any Macro.
About Any Macro
atan2(x, y)
Re: About Atan2
Button Timer
Tracks press and hold times and has a looping repeat callback.
Re: About Button Timer
Button Tracker
Tracks buttons.
About Button Tracker
Clean Map Scaling
Automatically stretch to integer multiples of your icon size.
About Clean Map Scaling
A periodically-firing event that keeps track of its own time.
Re: About Clock
CrossedOther, UncrossedOther, BumpedBy
About CrossedOther
An enumeration for the built-in directions, with extra useful functions.
Re: About Directions
Events and event handlers
About Event
Functional Lists
Higher-order list functions.
About Functional Lists
hypot(x, y)
About Hypot
A collection of useful code files.
Re: Compiling Error
Lazy Macros
Easy macros for common lazy patterns.
About Lazy Macros
Line Transform
Returns the matrix that transforms an icon of specified size into a line of specified thickness along a given vector.
About Line Transform
Map Zoom
Let players zoom in and out of your map.
Re: About Map Zoom
Mouse Buttons
Track the state of the mouse buttons.
About Mouse Buttons
Mouse Position
Get the position of the mouse in the screen or the world.
About Mouse Position
Pixel Movement
Helpers for pixel movement.
Re: About Pixel Movement
Pixel Positions
Get the absolute pixel coordinates of atoms on the map.
About Pixel Positions
Safe Weak Reference
A safe weak reference to a datum.
About Safe Weak Reference
Screen Arrows
Draw an arrow on-screen for tracking things.
About Screen Arrows
Basic icon pack.
About Shapes
Spaces on the map that can be duplicated, allocated, and stored.
About Space
Tile Sizes
Requires TileWidth and TileHeight to be defined. Does nothing else.
About Tile Sizes
Update Loop
Periodically update objects for real-time effects.
About Update Loop
2D vector datum for positions and offsets.
About Vector2
Pick from an associative list of weights by value.
About pickweight
Anchor HUD boxes to the world coordinates.
Re: About screenbox