Dragon Ball Zen?
Teka, whats wrong with you? You have donated 10000 dolars! Why? WHY? Oh my god i just broke my keyboard, now im using my old one... But still why?!
I didn't even know you are the same age as me. Thought you were so much older than me back in the day.
Teka! It's Me Konabie, Remember Me You And Tom Use to Play Together On Your old DragonBallZ games And Your Old Bleach Games, I Really Name Is Kyle, but I Also Went as Newborntwo(Newborn2), I Really Miss You And Tom, I Haven't Heard From You Guys In A Verry Verry Longggggg time, and I Think About all the Memories We Have Had together Everyday Man, the Good Memories I Have To Charish Will Always Stick Out in My Memory, In my Brain, Heart And Soul.. I Love You Teka and Tom!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 ☆☆☆☆☆ $A.W.O.L.$ BadHabits LilKrizzyK Its A'$ & B'$ check out My youtube everyone

I Have Been Making Music For A Long Time, I Make Rap Music And Also Play Many Different Instruments, I Also Like to Make different Videos And Content For Fun!!!
A.W.O.L. Is My Music Group, And My Youtube Group As Well, Its BadHabits All The Way

Life Is A Amazing Gift, And The Memories I Had with You Guys, Will Always Resinate In My Life!!!!

2yil.... u hab 2yil....
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