Harvest Moon: More Life on the Farm

by Naokohiro
Harvest Moon: More Life on the Farm
Enjoy a new, interesting and unique Harvest Moon experience.
My previous project, Harvest Moon: Life on the Farm, is an old project, that has since been neglected.
However, there are a few new features of BYOND that I wanted to try, so I thought I'd make another game from scratch.
Currently in the early stages, this game will have new features and game mechanics not in my last game.
I hope you enjoy!
A pretty cool beginning from what I have seen. Looking forward to many updates in the future. =]
when is game gonna be open
dont get why your making a new Harvest Moon when the other one wasnt even finished.
What happened to this game? It's never hosted anymore...
im going to be hosting this game 24-7
From what I can tell, this is a downgrade from the last game. There's no actual over world at all and everyone isn't in sync.