G-Z Admin System

by Gizhy
Remember! G-Z makes life E-Z.
This library should show BYOND developers how to use a text string to find players on and offline to ban or unban, or to mute, or unmute them.

You can only Ban, UnBan, Mute, UnMute, and Kick with text inputs. With those examples you should be able to decipher how to use it on more commands.

This should save time. Instead of going through a long list of players. Just type the name, and ZAP their gone, or muted.. Or whatever you did to them.

I redid this whole library, fixed all previous bugs. Should be working like a charm now.

Happy Downloading!
Hey is there way you can put in a txt format cause it not letting me download it
I don't know why it wouldn't be letting you download it. But I'll upload the hostfiles to my webserver later instead just to be sure.