by Fushimi
F_Weather is efficient, simple and relatively easy to use!
Updated! Released BUILD

- Version History -
v 2 (BUILD
* The library now uses F_Handler instead of Deadron's EventLoop library.

v 2 (BUILD
* Re-programmed the entire library.
* Re-organized the project, and its codes.
* This new release features much more efficient ways of handling weathers.
* You can now create your own WeatherTypes, of your desired duration.
* Adjust FDEF_WEATHER_ICON accordingly to match your Weather file icon!

v 1.1
*Fixed the uglyness of semicolons and braces.
*Removed some unsafe statements on the main procs.

If you encounter any bug, issue or missunderstanding, feel free to contact me via pager.
I think you should mention that this library requires Deadron's EventLoop library.
It's been mentioned: "external resources from Dantom's EventLoop library.)" although I didn't do it directly, hub modified.
It would be nice if you could somehow "include" other libs when publishing your own lib. Maybe link to other hub entries and have them automatically downloaded when downloading your lib?
This generally looks like the business!

I have some suggestions, to help improve the library's usability though, and so it's potential for being used in games.

Currently the types and number of weather is fixed, currently. Could you allow for people to provide their own WeatherType datum, that specifies the icon to use, duration of the weather, name etc, and use that in your code that cycles between the different types of weather?

This would allow for two things. 1. overriding the look of weather, and 2. adding more / different weather, like acid rain, ion storms etc etc.
I have taken your suggestion into account Stephen.
I have been a bit busy working with Kaizoku's team.
I was somehow free enough today to reprogram the library, I am about to upload the v2 as I finish the documentation.
Am anxious to hear feedback.
Rleased BUILD
I have adapted the library to not work with Deadron EventLoop anymore. Instead it will be using my F_Handler library (which should be automatically downloaded when updating).

Before this upgrade, I would suggest you delete the previous version through your BYOND Pager -> MyHub -> Edit...
Since I have appreaciated some people who downloaded previous versions, still keep the old files in the folder, and they are not meant to be there. Case of implementation.dm, required.dm and a few others.