by Mechanos7
A puzzle game
Yes, another done, and yes, this is my third in four days. The reason for so many projects is that I have managed to get my computer folders back to publish the projects I had almost finished.

Floramancer, my newest puzzle game, in which you use plant magic to escape a dungeon. Has 13 levels in it so far, will be sure to add more; the game itself should be alright and mostly bug free, apparently one of the bug testers found a bug where the game freezes- but I can't cause the bug to happen yet.

This should be my last one for this week, but who knows- I could manage another.
Wow, congrats! Party on Wayne.
Floramancer's screen is way too small D:
Why do you not work on an actually game? Like a big project.
An actual game? I would consider all of my games to be games- if you are referring to a RPG or a large-player-count-multiplayer game, I find myself utterly bored whilst attempting at them.