Pseudo-3d Layering

by CauTi0N
Demo on pseudo-3d layering
Possibly only useful in a single player environment. In any case, looking for suggestions and feedback. Essentially will work with any icon one places on the map, but simply replicates it - therefore, large objects would require some manipulation, especially if one would have an entrance to a building, or something similar.

Overall, simply POC.
Note: I did the layering backwards. Closer objects should be taller, further away objects should appear smaller. New update along the way.
Note: This system would only be useful in a single player game. However, I tried writing the algorithm so it would essentially be lag-less. Could this system work in multi-player? Yes. Would it cause mass lag? Yes.

Other note: Based on this system, I might write a roof system that would be multi-player, but would also be able to work with this system. Not sure yet.
Holy cow! What a major coincidence. I was just working on a system like this yesterday, but with pixel movement. :P
1-up me. -_- :P
Updating soon with 1.3.2. Perspective is more proper now - it's not backwards anymore.
Nicely done CauTi0N. :D