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I'd like to speak with you. [email protected].
Yo Jooshy! I went on pager + added u but it wont let me message u cos it says a load of random stuff like this:

"You can send messages to anyone who has added you as a friend. They will have a envelope icon. BYOND members can send to anyone. Join today for full access!"

yeh whatever

How do u know if you hav a friend request and how do u accept it? Also did u send 1 cos it says u didn't and there's no envelope icon near your name so c u 2morrow

p.s: BYOND is confusing, so is DM + thnx 4 the info 2day
Jooshy5150 wrote:
Post your comments here!

Bio-King wrote:
Post your comments here on my account 2 lol!

Simon says:
Clap ur hands!
God, get on BYOND, I need your help -_-
Lol I don't even look here:P
dream deploy and My Dream r on byond 4.0 i just downloaded it again
I'm trying 2 add be a fan of RPG Sweeper and it adds me as a fan but it doesn't show the game in the bar at the top of the screen. I'm a fan of NEStalgia and the game appears at the top of the screen but RPG Sweeper doesn't. Can some1 tell me why cos I've tried loads?