Higoten's Space Defenders

by Higoten
Higoten's Space Defenders
A turn-based strategy game in space!
Status: Open

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Really needs explosions...
Thank you for your feedback.

I going to assume that explosions sound effects are, at a minimum, expected to be heard when planets are blasted part.

Were you expecting visual effects as well as audio effects when a planet is destroyed, and are there any other points or events in the game where you were expecting an explosion to take place?

Your response will be very helpful in determining where explosions are expected by the player to occur.
I mean that when combat between ships is happening, it's very hard to tell which ship is shooting which ship. I didn't play far enough for planets to blow up, I guess.
Thank you for clarifying. I agree that attacking can appear somewhat uncertain in identifying which ship is attacking which ship.

Although the message that appears in the message bar does identify which ship is attacking which ship, It goes by rather quickly and it is difficult to identify which ship is which by their non-noteworthy names.

However, the ships don't really blow each other up, instead, they just reduce one anothers shielding. With that in mind, what I likely will be doing to improve the viability of which ship is attacking which ship is adding a laser blast effect, which should hopefully improve this situation.