Stark Realities - Alpha

by Ease
Roleplaying Game focused on powered-exoskeletons.
Public Alpha Release - try out the single-player level now!

Comments and Criticisms are most welcome! The discovery of any bugs will also be greatly appreciated.
Just fixed a large amount of bugs:
  • You could still be hurt for a second after death, so you respawned with less than full health.
  • The 'Jet Pack' ability of the Iron Greaves was unuseable, and thus the singleplayer chapter could not be completed.
  • The 'Jet Pack' ability was abusable, and could 'glitch' the end animation.
  • 'Repairing' (dragging items over the Repair HUD button) items neither repaired them nor took away the cost of repairing them.

Thank you so much to everyone who has found these for me.
Game seems good , keep working on it.