Naruto WWA

by Critical172
A new Naruto game coming soon
This game is currently in alpha.

3 Villages

PVP Based
You must kill players to get stronger
Automated events such as Chuunin Exams
Wars occur whenever mass killing happens
Doing missions in squads make more fun

More to come
2 more villages will be added soon
More clans will be added
Much more jutsus will be made
Story Mode will be continued
More clothing and hair options
More maps
Critical, will there be organizations, such as Seven-Swords-Men, Sound Five, and Akatsuki?
Will there be TS?
When will the game be online agian
When I want to join the game, the window appears with loading screen and then it shuts down like i didn't even start it...
Who ever is hosting open the server so others can join.
anyone know when it will come back?
Is this game as good as Bleach wwa ?
Lol. is this game ever going online again ?
Kingsta the games not complete. they run game to test new things they add in im prettysure wen its got in enough stuff to have it more stable and playble critic will announce it
Im not home, atm. Yes, I know the server not letting players enter.

If the game is not updated with the credibility that BYOND has an installed, then the game will auto shutdown. Which is happening to most of the games im hosting.

-Silent Night
when will you fix that?
In response to Blackstar1134
Blackstar1134 wrote:
when will you fix that?

I checked the server. The game is up to BYOND requirements.

Now as for players not being able to get it the server, I'm not sure. When I got home, the game was still running perfectly fine. Got to my laptop and someone was attacking me.

The world was open to public access and is fixed temporarily.

~Silent Night
k ty
hmm if i try to log in it just says connection died :/
In response to Blackstar1134
Blackstar1134 wrote:
hmm if i try to log in it just says connection died :/

Try again. I just rebooted.
connection dead again
Im not home. I won't be home for awhile.
We now have a forum you can go to

Join the forums and watch the game grow
I look forward to playing what is most likely to be a great game. :]
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