Server Manager

by Fushimi
Server Manager is a tool developed to automatically update your game without having to bother in shutting down and using ftp to your shell, or even locally.
Server Manager - Version 2.0 [BUILD]

Today is a great day for those few who likes and currently uses this tool. After a year of innactivity, I have been working the past night on this new Update, and the many that will come in the near future.

I have brought back the SUS (Scheduled Update System);
- Select wether to check for updates daily, or at certain days.
- Upload your files to a free Hosting service to upload your game!
- Automaticcally updates your games.

This and much more is in this fresh v2.0!
Check out _readme.txt or [Documentation] for further info!
Server Manager - Version 2.1 [BUILD]
____________________________________________________________ __

- Improved game tracking. SM will now track if a game has crashed easier.
- Fixed one or two issues within SMCS.
- You can now deactivate automatic updates through the Set Schedule button.
- You will be alerted that a recent version has been downloaded successfuly when clicking Set Schedule button.
- Fixed an issue at the time SUS replaced the .DMB and .RSC files.
- SUS will preform a Topic call to a hosted game when an update is available, it's name is "sm_ready_to_update"
- You can now force SMMT to shutdown or reboot your game from your game, this is done via an Export call:

TopicHere can be either "sm_reboot_request" or "sm_shutdown_request".
This is the same as shutting down from SMMT
So pretty much anyone could shutdown the game then :) ?
Server Manager - Version 2.1 [BUILD]
____________________________________________________________ _

- Improved security against external Topic calls to SM.
- SM will generate a hashed value upon game startup. This variable is passed to world.params to be collected by your game. Further calls to the 2.1055 method will now require an extra argument.
world.MasterKey = params["masterkey"]
world.MasterServer = params["server"]


- MasterKey is randomnly generated each time the world reboots to add in an extra security level.

EDIT: Thanks Daniel for pointing out the not-that-obvious for me. LOL
Server Manager - Version 2.1 [BUILD] LATE RELEASE

- Implemented saving and loading for your added worlds and schedules.

- Topic calls from the child to the parent must include a master key value incase it is gonna shutdown or reboot the game.
LOOK AT: "First Steps" section!

- Games that are online at save-time, will be loaded by default when the manager back up. In case of crashes or local reboots, you don't need to login.

- SMUpdater: This is in beta stages. This new implementation automatically updates Server Manager, so you do not need to worry about checking for your .zip anymore. This is not operative until next advise, update as usually.

- Twin Childs are now toggleable. They won't be allowed by default.
Server Manager - Version 2.1 [BUILD]

- Implemented a new setting, 'enabled', under the file; 'Settings.ini' and the directive; 'updater'.
This enables or disables the Automatic Updater. (This feature is in BETA, hence why it is disabled by default)

- Created a system so that an user can browse the directory folders without having to specify exact paths to the
.dmb and .rsc files.

- A new directive setting was added to 'Settins.ini', _games_root_directory. This points to the directory where
the games are stored, by default: "./"

- You are now only asked for the DMB file, the .RSC file will be automatically located.

- You won't be asked to enter a path anymore. Add your games easier than ever.

- Added a new setting; '__secure_self', when set to 0, the environment won't require a password to login.

Go and update your version of server manager because this release brings a lot of security, performance and visual improvements.