RP Infinite

by Konlet
Create the unreal and live in another world.
RPI is a text-based sandbox RPG engine.

We are still providing free RPI hosting for the next month or so. If there is a satisfying amount of players making use of this offer, we will consider extending the time.

If you are interested in partaking in this offer, feel free to contact us on skype or through BYOND.

BYOND: Identify |OR| Konlet
Skype: AndinsterDA |OR| Konlet
Your servers will not show up on the hub temporarily today. I've noticed a bunch of servers hosted by the previous Shell Server lingering on the hub despite being down. I am testing a fix for this. Sorry about the inconvenience, The hub will be restored later today.

Also, Once again myself and Konlet are providing free hosting to the RPI community. Simply contact us on skype if you are interested. We will NOT host competing servers.

IE: If there is a Bleach server, we will not host a second one.

Within the next two to three weeks Konlet will likely be releasing a new version of RPI. This new version is a complete remake of the current. One major difference how much smaller it is. This current version is roughly 10,000 lines of code. The new version, which almost has just as much as this current version, is only 1,200 lines or less so far. This will greatly improve performance and reduce the memory leak.

We will be hosting a test server soon. We're looking for a theme for the server and admins to help manage it. If you're interested in joining us or have ideas message us on skype or pager!

That's pretty much everything. Keep RPing and stop using Kirito playbys. You know who you are. :)

P.S.: RPI was not sold, you have all been trolled. (Mitikozuki in particular)

**Edit: The hub has been fixed. Servers should once again show on the hub without issue.
Welcome back hub, a week late.
Konlet is returning to RPI and I am leaving. My free hosting will no longer be provided after 9/26/2016.
yes hello i'm just wondering uhm

why can't derivatives be minimized

also maybe think about adding character groups

i don't know if it just didn't occur to you making this that some people might want to have more than 10 characters in an RP but uhm

RPI 3E (Roleplay Infinite 3rd Edition)

I've redone RPI again, probably for the last time. Enjoy, and expect frequent updates through this year. I'd like to thank all of the players who continue to enjoy the software with this update.

What's New
* Settings, Forums, Admin, and Server tabs are now seperate panels that can be held in individual windows or in the top-left section of the default window.
* Private roleplay rooms can be created by using the button located at the bottom-right of the buttons panel.
* Forums have been restructured using javascript; you can now use embed tags and more.
* Text commands can be accessed by typing !help into the red input field.
* Logs are now timelogged and can be searched for based on date and time.
RPI 3E Version 3 is now out; files have been uploaded to the hub. Several bugfixes, emojis were added, classic UI can be toggled through the Commands menu, and icons in Players Online are now larger.

Neat things to come, in the works.
I'm noticing that admins can't seem to use omit-talk or omit-action ( and therefore hosts can't period, since they always have the admin button on the bottom ) as well as the fact that if an admin opens up their character action menu, they're always asked to set the character's status as a separate menu. It's actually really annoying.
I'm working on a fix.
Hi, Identify will be resuming his work as owner of RPI. I believe he is capable; please contact him with any issues or questions.
Everyone update your host files to show on the hub. The ones available for download on the hub are 3E and then the link on the hub description is Build 24.

In Build 24 I have implemented 3E's log system.
Host Files that will appear on the hub are now private. The updated host files will be distributed privately as well. Thanks DarkRaizeo & Gyro for this change :^)
I'm getting that itching feeling that driving host files entirely private has killed this for good now.
Yeeeeeeaaaaaah I'm not really sure what the plan was besides that with that sort of idea.
RIP this
I'm intending on running a server still through this platform. Please message me on the pager or DM the comedian#8100 if you want to be involved in an UnOrdinary based roleplay. Thanks!
Yu-Gi-Oh RP join fuckers byond://
RIP this game.
damn, late to the party
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