Boundless Online

by Gluscap Games
New original sandbox roleplaying game, join a server or host your own.
In response to Lugia319
That's not serious enough to be labeled a repercussion. Besides, it was of your own decision to continue playing the game despite noticing similarities.
In response to Kboy33
Indeed. This is also my decision. This is my community service. I will protect the rest of BYOND players from playing another pos rip.

What gets me is how is this game allowed on the hub with non-original content (such as the icons). Or are ripped sources considered open-source? Or have the listing standards changed?
Did I do something to you that I'm not aware of? At this point all you do is ignore all the proof I've given you that it isn't a rip because if this game isn't a rip you can't go on your holy crusade to ridding Byond of all evil.

Yes, I have ripped zeta\elysium\whatever icons in the game. To be frank, its my problem not yours. The listing standards have indeed changed, as you can see. If you've got a problem with it you can always take it up with the people who make up the listing rules and not on this game's hub.

According to you I stitched a bunch of imaginary sources together to create what I have. Despite showing you the resources used, the DH (you say that people who often rip go to ask help with their rips but I often posted what I've done so far to try and remedy my coding problems so you could easily check and see if any of my code is similar to any other game you claim I ripped it from) topics. At this point, you've made up your mind about me ripping the code and it isn't up for debate.

Do you think that without all of these "pos rips" that the players would just flock to original games on byond? Most likely they'd just stop playing the game you got rid of and move on to the next one. They aren't playing BYOND, they're playing whatever game they're playing. I understand that my game doesn't have much in terms of things the player can do on their own and requires a large playerbase for it to be fun, so I'll work on that. I didn't rip the code, though. If you're so damn sure I ripped the code go through all the snippets of my code I posted and show me all the codes I've ripped it from. You won't though, because you won't find anything.
Without the whole source code neither you nor I can prove to the public that it's a 100% rip, but that's not important. I strongly suspect that it's a rip and I will tell it to the world as an act of community service.

Nothing against you m8. Just your rip. B)
In response to Lugia319
You're being silly. The guidelines have also changed as of last year. Had you browsed the Anime section and BYOND's front page, you would have seen multiple Naruto rips. I even asked LordAndrew myself whether rips were allowed. BYOND Mods decided it was pointless to be discriminatory towards rips, especially since the community is quite small.

Nobody requests for you to do the community a 'favour' and report whether games are rips or not. Nowadays, not many people care. You seem like you've had a bad day, so I believe that you should take a break.
In response to Kboy33
There's nothing wrong with me alerting the community that there's a good chance that this is a rip. And it most certainly is a service. And even if it were not, it is still my decision. If you don't like it, cry me a river, and get over it. It's no more wrong to say that this is a rip than to say that it's a good game, a horrible game, or anything really. Freedom of speech my brother.
In response to Lugia319
You're just an idiot...I was apparently talking to the wind.

Gluscap, if I were you, I'd just ban this person from posting. They seem to hate wasting time, but indeed they spend their time loitering on and criticizing others' work.
In response to Kboy33
By banning me from posting you'd only prove my point that you fear my truth. If your game is legitimate and not a rip, you have nothing to fear of my accusations. By silencing those that disagree, you only make yourself a target.

I could go on for NON RIP reasons why your game isn't worth my time, but the elements I would complain about are common among rips, so whatevs. Rip or not, the game's not worth time.
Hi there, I'm hosting the game through ByondPanel for some friends. I'm having the problem of not being able to transfer a save that has Admin verbs along with it. Is there anything I can do about this? Or will I need to host directly for this to work?
You can self host a game, doesn't matter if anyone else can't reach it. Log two keys into it, give one admin. There should be an admin.sav file in your saves folder, transfer it to the byond panel.
It's definitely not a rip. Not because it's unlike Finale - it's extremely similar to finale. But because it's much less efficient. For instance, Finale's map saving system. This uses plaintext, and was always much faster in saving/loading. Did a few test runs. Also, there are about fifteen times the variables that exist in Finale for.. well, less than half of the functionality. Nathan, message me on the pager. I wanna send you something that might help you out.
All I have to say is that Lugia is a dumbass, and what is clear is clear. Game is nothing like Finale, or DU. You can not modify youre stats like you used to in Finale, you can not leech skills like you did in finale, you can not auto learn like in finale, there was no Ora in finale.

Overall I really like the game, forge system, witchery system, training system and monster slaughtering system as well as the RP elements inside of it. I think that there should be some more races available to the public and some races locked via apply through forums or something else. Also do add the Scrolls where we would be able to post things, such as application for rank, rare race or maybe even make a sign post. Please do change the house icon because it looks funny, at least try to make it look realistic when you build a house, then when you build a village and clan chambers. At least 3 different icons you could do are, Shack = House, Shack with Fence = Village, Clan Compound = Castle with Walls.
So is this dead now? After all I went to the forum the other day and it is no longer there. It is a shame, I was hoping you would continue on and finish this off.
I don't know. But it has been an awful long time since Gluscap has even given a message at all. I hope its still in the works, and that its just merely heavily delayed due to life being so time consuming. But I don't know. Regardless, I had fun playing when I could.
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