Anime Legends

by DarkNinjaNaut
Anime Legends
Heroes & Villains from all over clash in this Anime Sidescroller!
10/10 would put my swag on it
9/10 needs its sexy af
This game keeps my attention with it's constant pvp and generally good playerbase. Hella fun and one of the few good games left on BYOND that isn't run by a owner who can't code or is to busy to do so. Consistent and good updates!!!! come join
Great game, owner DarkNinjaNaut actually takes time to listen and assess feedback for changes that could be implemented to make the game better. Best side scroller game on byond hands down I have to say because of the character selection and diversity. Their is no one theme, just everything which is awesome. I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for something new honestly. Ignore those bugs you encounter , report them. Do not be discourage at the end of the day this is a work in progress!
Nice game, Mechanics iffy. If you only have a moment or two to spar great game to pass the time with. Very easy to pick up, yet hard to actually master even with practice. The game focuses on various anime charater's giving them trademarked abilitys to use, but rely's heavy on its melee system. The Iconing looks great, but I don't believe its origional. And some of the maps it uses seem to come from somewhere else, but that's not a reason not to play, it's still fun. The only real con to this game is its mechanics. The mechanics severly limit how you fight in the game. You are force to be a upfront melee style fighter, if this was street fighter i'd say not a problem, However since the game uses charaters that were known for anything but their melee abilitys, its frankly annoying. Still its a nice game, love to be able to fight as actual support or set up traps for enemys. but its a nice game.
Amazing game, extremely addictive and really fun!

The owner is actually working hard to balance the game so imma give it 10/10
In the future let's not ban anyone for bugs out of their control either disable the character and maintain that disable properly or disable the skill and maintain it. Everyone believes that I can just bug anyone at any moment with plant wall. Incorrect, it just happens. It would be abuse if I knew how to pull it off all the damn time. But I'll take this uncalled for ban to fuel some egos.
Free my nigga Tajiri how you guys gonna ban him from using a technique on a character that was disabled, when you the guys that enabled that character. Like Ussop was disabled and enabled multiple times if it was such an issue keep him disabled. By enabling it your saying the character is fine...
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LOL just now reading GTs shit

Screw you Moh!

Bye darky :c.
Bro shut up Moh is better than ur a##
I need ryo donate someone
Is the game coming up soon?
so like does this game need a host or is it just done?
I could host if y'all want
Somebody host this shit
The end of all good games is near.
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