by Hinashou
Relive nostalgic moments with catchable monsters!
Version 2.43.1 Released
Minor update to address a level up bug reported by Yuiz, Sabrina, and others. Thanks for documenting issues on GitLab!
Version 2.44.0 Released
Added functionality so players can adjust their map zoom settings in the Settings tab.

Version 2.47.5 Released
Fun new catch minigame mechanic! New catch tutorial quest & more!

Version 2.52.5 Released
Our favorite bug, Shedinja, has been added in all his Wonder Guard glory!
Version 2.58.3 Released
Use spacebar to interact, hotkeys to sendout monsters (ctrl +1, ctrl+2, etc.), updated cries, a more dangerous wild, & sprite portraits!
Version 2.60.4 Released!
Mainly some quick bug fixes! Performance improvement for the Dex!
Version 2.61.0 Released!
Rolled back game engine version to the latest stable version to hopefully resolve some of the runtime issues we have been seeing.
Version 2.61.1 Released!
Few runtime errors resolved and fixed an issue with defeating wild monsters causing lag from the Dex.
Version 2.61.2 Released!
One of the server freezing bugs has been finally identified and resolved!

Version 2.64.0 Released!
Updated lists move learn sets, egg moves, and TMs! Huge thanks to Tsunayoshi for compiling data!
Version 2.65.2 Released!
Gave moderators the ability to host community events. This should lead to a more consistent and reliable schedule of tournaments and EXP/shiny events.
Version 2.70.0 Released!
Sky Attack Rework, new nameplate system, damage numbers, & hit effects!
Version 2.75.3 Released!
Origins Battle Map Generating System reworked (Should have minimal lag impact when starting/stopping battles). Bug fixes for some evolution chains!
Version 2.77.4 Released!
New Party Icons, savefile improvements, and bug fixes!
Version 2.80.3 Released!
Update your BYOND versions to the latest stable (514.1566). General Performance tweaks, switch to native inputs, and bug fixes!
Version 2.81.2 Released!
Fixed an animation loop issue, added additional ball sound effects, money text smaller, and bug fix for incorrect skin tone being applied on load.

Version 2.83.0 Released!
Events will now persist through reboot, and new macros (hot keys) for OOC and Say commands!
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