Shinigami Saga

by 478975
Shinigami Saga
New original Bleach game,Come see Bleach as Bleach should be!
Owner and Coder:478975
Current Iconners: WANTED

*Special Thanks to past major contributions by
Takedown,Tpenglase, and XXXxJokerxXXX

You break out of Aizen's laboratory and into the world of the living.You don't have any memories of who you were or what you were doing. As you help the crime-infested city you wind up in get back on it's feet, you slowly discover who you really are. You can part-take on your journeys alone or with friends, but just when you think it's has only begun. There is a man pulling the strings to everything -A man that must be stopped.

  • It's RP,PvP,PvE,and a Card Game on the side all in one
  • Over 15 Kido Spells
  • Cool new races like Fullbringer
  • Different unique moves for each class
  • Fun and engaging storylines
  • Cool Events and Arena
  • Buy and Customize your own House
  • Unlockable Bosses(like KENPACHI)
  • Big Explorable worlds(like Hell World)
  • Anime and Custom Ressurecions and Shikai/Bankai
  • Unique SS Fan Trading Card Game

-Captain Commander
-Captain of squad 2
-Captain of squad 3
-Captain of squad 4
-Captain of squad 5
-Captain of squad 6
-Captain of squad 7
-Captain of squad 8
-Captain of squad 9
-Captain of squad 10
-Captain of squad 11
-Captain of squad 12
-Captain of squad 13
-Espada Leader

-Excution Leader
-Excution Member#1
-Excution Member#2
-Excution Member#3
-Excution Member#4
-Excution Member#5

I hope you like my game!
Hello! I just wanted to post a message saying, I love your bleach game. The only thing I dislike, is the screen size. Just a suggestion to make it bigger. :3 If you need a host, I am free for the timebeing.
Fail here bro, it loads the video now for me but, i created my new char and went to level 15 again after the game came back on, but now i logged out and i cant load my char anymore, when i click load, it just do something like when we press F5 on a video, the video 're-load' and nothing happens :/
I am happy to announce we are doing lots of icon updating. I encourage you to keep checking us out!
this game is still using ripped icons can a moderator take it down?
zagro to be fair alot of byond games now a days use ripped icons. im not saying its right but if there makeing there own to replace them it aint a big deal. so just saying if you realy ask a moderator to remove cus icons then alot of games would have to be taken down cus of ripped icons.
Wow All Theese People Going On About Icons........
dont come bitching on here if you dont like it
can you unban me techno banned me for no reason..
great game but lots of bugs that need gms to summon out of spots, but gms arent always active
This game has a lot of potential, and I like that. Some of the icons might be copied, but most of it is original.

The game is original enough to be listed on BYOND.
wow im glitched on this game im a shinigami and my zan disspereed for some reason i was playign and all of a sudden i disconnected and my zan was gone but i can still punch but i cant use shikai- level 38 name is zuko in game
hey Alex i found another bug its...ill tell you wen i see you XD dont want anyone to use it..just me xD
Hey it's Aiden Pyralis and I can't log into my char
Okay. i played this beta for a while and in my honest opinion,Take this beta off. there are so many obvious glitches in this beta that the beta shouldn't even be up until these glitches are fixed. one example is the experience glitch. you should level when you get the right amount of experience. in this beta you don't. you end up going over the amount needed and when you "punch an npc" you get one level. i had over 100,000 experience from an event and i thought "hey if i punch an npc maybe i will be able to get a couple levels." nope not at all. you only get one level. it's a basic glitch which should have been fixed before beta was i strongly advise avoiding this game until at least the experience glitch is fixed. thanks and have fun.
Written by~Shugoki-Shugo-Shinto
Ah thanks for pointing that out. You cannot gain multiple levels with a single exp gain. An event will not boost you multiple levels. No matter how much exp it rewards you, only one level will be gained. This is to prevent anyone from trying too many levels too fast.

Thanks for your support,478975 The Creator Of Worlds
can i be a gm i lve this game pleaseeee
hell i cant even get past the start screen when i try to hit ok on the welcome to the game pop up it doesnt go away and im stuck at the main menu
Hi there Senganchi!

After clicking ok it will let you choose you race and class. I encourage you to try again.

Enjoy Shinigami Saga!
In response to 478975
i know that. i know to click the ok button but after i do, nothing happens and the ok popup doesnt go away
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