Boy it's been a "fun" week. Since my car got sick over the weekend I had to miss my chiropractor appointment, and now my sciatica is back with a vengeance. Only it turns out my car wasn't sick after all, so that was all for nothing; but at least I don't have a transmission problem, so there's that.

Late bug fixes prevented an early-week release that was intended to be the new stable build, and then nasty wind storms on Wednesday delayed things further. I ended up pushing out 515.1632 yesterday to deal with a few of the existing fixes, and hopefully to fix a very nasty hang that was discovered, but it seems the fix didn't work and made some things worse. So that's more "fun".

That hang is a real bitch of a bug. It seems to occur only in one particular SS13 codebase under very specific conditions, and it involves a complex series of nested /icon operations that have to be resolved on the server side. Every attempt I've made to solve this so far has failed. I'm not giving up by any means, but it's gonna take a lot of head-banging to work through it. I'll get to the bottom of it somehow.

For 515's stable release my goal is to get that early in the week, and I'm really really hoping that means next week. I did not expect the delays that hit me this week.

Big thanks as ever to all the supporters who make it possible to do all of this. I'm grateful for all of you.

Next week: hopefully less leg pain, less wind, and some favorable development developments. Until then... ow.