Some things are in limbo this week, but I've still been working on 515 maintenance and more 516 stuff.

For the stable release, a new maintenance release is on deck but won't be coming out till next week—because of the Friday curse—but none of the fixes are for anything major. The most serious of them has apparently been around for some time; it's also mooted by WebView2, so the fix will just be a temporary patch until 516 is ready.

Over in 516, I've been shoring up a bunch of stuff including documentation, and I was working on testing savefile stuff for pixlocs and vectors (which still needs work) when I had to detour away to deal with some nasty crashers with the new features that alpha testing uncovered. It happens, but this is an alpha after all. Some of the issues were incredibly hard to suss out, and next up on my immediate docket (after savefile stuff) is that missile() has decided to up and stop working inexplicably. But otherwise 516 is coming along quite well, and I have a list of requests to add to it while I wait for the other project to move into a phase I can actually do something.

As ever I'm extremely grateful to all of the BYOND Members and our other regular supporters whose contributions make it possible for this work to continue. Thank you so much, and I'm working hard on great new stuff for you.

Next week, more of the same, and maybe a lot of something different. Whatever it is, I'll be back at it next week.