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hey man. can u host a survival the lost era??
if u cant for any reason give me the file and i will host. all i know to do is host, i cant fix anything.
thank for the game
Can you make this open source so people can update and make it better
I placed a post in Survival: The Lost Era's forum that you should proooobably take a look at. My apologies in advance if you have already been informed that I had posted there.
Survival: The Lost Era's Forums is down so how can I make a fire in it?? I need to know how to make a fire please!
Im sure your busy but in spare time plz fix the glitches with badges 6,7, and 8 on challenger, it takes alot of time to have game stop suddenly, it ruins the game. not complaining, im fine with not playing it but if it were fixed it would be great, thx.