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Oi, readd me on the pager D<
xorbah. you have me pager banned.
Do I? I'm not sure.
"Pager ban
You cannot send a pager message to Xorbah because one of you has banned the other from their pager."

why you hate me
Lol, I don't even know why you were pager banned. Were you one of those guys who sent 1,000 links to a shit server to some shit game? That's usually who I block.
no, I never page anyone. ever. I don't even play any games on BYOND.
How'd you figure out I had you pager banned? I'm so lost ha.
I clicked on your name, on a post, which brings up information about the user. Along with that; there's a box to page them. It said I was pager banned. I cried.
So are you planning on hosting your Naruto rp game?
Yes, i'm still around. :) Just letting you guys know that Naruto RP will be making a return, and Dragonball Roleplay as well - under the names Nations - Inheritors of Chakra and Vastness, respectively.