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Please update the hostfiles to Naruto Fuuinjutsu Elite, pwease master of all things Yami. C=
Hey yami-sama, long time no see you ^^, could you please make NFE available for web browser? I'm on a platform that can't download BYOND program D:,
Lol hey yams.
die in hell for not enough Boku no Pico updates
we need new updates new secrets new clans and more missions more org and villages and new reqs
Plus, reduce the chance of getting a jinchuuriki because it is too common.
when will you put this back up if ever because this has been my favorite game thank you
Please when are you updating the hostfile?
Please when are you updating the hostfile?
Hey Yami, can you please unban "TigerTiger" Pretty please, I miss him.
Web client does not load
So much fear*
yo yami your staff is sensitive af I keep getting banned for lil to no reason
Hi, nice to meet you YamiGT1231.
My name is Isaac, I'm Developer.
I have experience developing games at Byond since 2016.
Sadly all the team split so we stopped playing Byond.
I'm back as a Developer with Master Degree and studying a Doctorate.
So, I'm willing to help with the game if needed.
Thanks anyway mate. Keep up the game. I love it.
Can I go ahead and get unbanned I think its been a year now
Hey Yami can i buy
Fuuinjutsu Elite
my email is [email protected] to be contacted.
Have a good day.