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dayvon...hello >_>
id ask you how your doing but you turned raikos friend against him i know what i did i made you hate me i shouldnt have done that but your here again i should feel as much anger to you as you to me..but im fair we can be friends or you can block me from shout box (if not say no if yes then reply back) and we will be hurts to make enemys
remember naruto
someone who cant even save a single friend chould never be hokage
same here only i cant make anymore friends if i cant have you
i gota go to bed..ill leave you alone now and ill check up tommaro after work
dayvon ill see if i can get you unban from nfe
i wronged you and i am sorry but please dont say your going to kill yourself you have friends and family and dayvon your like a brother to me ik you dont want to be my friend anymore but im not leting yami ban you
Figured I'd add this here so you know what type of owner you'll be dealing with.

Dayvon banned me from NTFB without speaking a word to me. I was banned to my knowledge for spamming Kuchiyose no Jutsu. How did I spam the jutsu one may ask?

I used my laptops track pad to click the jutsu and pressed enter with my keypad, as many times as I could to increase my uses, and train as the game asks. Apparently, although the game gives no cues, and the jutsu has no in game cool-down, this is illegal, and considered bug abuse. I was promptly IP banned without even the chance to explain myself, meanwhile the owner banned me from ALL CONTACT.

Ive helped this game from the ground up, and I wasn't even as little as to say a fucking word in my defense. Thats the new NtFB.
dayvon hi..uhh idk how to say this but im doing baby steps
in 13 months ill get to chat if im good..try and hold on for this 13 months ik you miss me and i miss you to my bro
after that ill ask my mom and dad about byond trust me
love you man :)
Dayvon64 is bad man... new light his slaved 13 years old toy.... he use new light to satisfie his need... and throw away 10 years friendship... and now dayvon groom 8 years old for admin at ntfb... everyone offend so easy... all so young... all so brainwash!!! He just want expose kid picture!!! When not get any picture... he train hive mind brainwash community against u... U are bad man Dayvon64... and soon police come for you... count u final day smart... -.-
Dam bro i ain even gonn lie... looks like swiper done swiped ya chromosomes...
The staff of this game and its owner are thieves and scoundrels, it is true that I have received several pardons from them, but after helping them with their icons, which I was not given credit for doing, they treated me as an outcast after being banned for a year and to return to give them one last chance after making a small mistake that any other player would have made without warning and without any type of option to express my part of the events that occurred, I was banned for another year. the way in which the admins govern the rules leaves a lot to be desired since they are outdated and ambiguous many contradict themselves and they always use the GOLDEN RULE (follow any order that an admin says because they are admin) it should be used as a last resort however they use it like toilet paper

I would like to be able to talk about it with the owner but since he has blocked me in all formats that shows the childish attitude that is handled by the staff