Pokemon Bloodstone

by Flame48
Pokemon Bloodstone
Become a Trainer and be at the top of the game or choose to be one of the 90+ Pokemon in our maze and be the very best!

This is an outdated hub. We are going to update later. Thank You. :)
Originally Created Jun 4 2008 under the key Br4nd0n2008.
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Requires Latest Version of BYOND

  • Mappers: Brandon
  • Coders: Flame48, Brandon
  • Iconers: Brandon, Moktadir

The requirements to be in an organization/team is level 30 for pokemon and 2 badges for trainers. The requirements may be changed by the leader at anytime.
There are 5 trainer teams and 4 pokemon teams.
Leaders must have 7 badges if they're a trainer, and level 50 if you're a pokemon.

There are 11 teams:
Team Rocket: An evil team of Pokemon Trainers
Team Galactic: An evil team of Pokemon Trainers
Team Hunters: An evil team of Pokemon Trainers
Team Catch'Em: A good team of Pokemon Trainers
Team Rangers: A good team of Pokemon Trainers
Team Go-Getters: A good team of Pokemon
Team Meanies: An evil team of Pokemon
Squirtle Squad: A group of cool Squirtle/Water Types
Pichu Crew: A group of Pichu/Electric Type

--Player Rules---

1) Do not ask for a spot on the team. We do not care how skilled you may or not be. Apply on the forums.
--- Warning. Mute. Ban
2) Do not spam.
--- Warning. Mute. Ban
3) Do not ask for a rank. Ex: Organization Leader. Apply in our forums. We also set the dates for tryouts.
--- Warning. Mute. Boot. Ban.
4) Do not constantly complain. We tolerate constructive criticism but too much is a problem.
--- Warning. Mute. Boot. Ban
5) If a majority of your sentence contains capitalized letters, you will be punished.
--- Warning. Mute. Boot. Ban
6) Do not spam kill. Even if the player you are killing permits it.
--- Warning. Jail. Boot. Ban
7) Do not disrepect any GMs. We are trying to help you in game. The least you can do is respect us. If you do not like one of us, ignore us.
--- Consequences vary depending on the level of the GM.
8) Do not spam party invites or knocks.
--- Warning. Boot. Ban
9) Do not ask for or give any locations of pokemon in our maze.
--- Warning. Wiped Character. Ban
10) Do not abuse bugs. Tell our staff right away.
--- Wiped Character. Ban
11) Do not spawn kill. This includes attacking/killing in towns.
--- This rule is void if you are already able to use an attack in the towns.
--- Boot. Jail. Ban.
12) Do not spam links.
--- Warning. Mute. Mute. Ban.
13) Do not Spam Breed.
--- Warning. Boot. Ban
14) Do not advertise other BYOND games.
--- Warning. Mute. Boot. Ban.
15) Do not randomly catch player Pokémon.
--- Warning. Boot. Jail. Ban.

--Administration Rules---
1) Do not Abuse.
--- Warning. Warning. Demotion. Fired.
2) Do not overuse Announce.
--- Warning. Verbs taken from you.
3) You must also follow all Player Rules.
4) Do not use your Unmute View Verb while being muted. Let us know through GM Say.
--- Fired.
Pokemon! Pokemon! Pokemon! Let's do it!
Will this game ever be back up? I havent seen a server in like 3 months.
hey i wana be magma are ranger leader so can u make me it
If you would like to be a leader, head over to our Forums and Apply! Notify an Admin about your application and wait for your application to receive a status! Thank You. :)
Best Pokemon game on BYOND. Play it.
Can u have a charmander when ur a pokemon cause when i click be a pokemon i dont see charmander\
Yes, you can become a Charmander Jason. You just have to make sure you use your home, end, PGUP, and PGDN keys. And search the maze, through the shadows of the trees.

Good Luck,

Does this game need a host?
Forums contain an explanation in full detail on why the game is down. Feel free to check it out.
Great game, can't wait for it to come back, just came back to BYOND, haven't played this since the days of the original, by Brandon, under my old key Ryuk25.
You was always a failed coder Brandon even back in the day, so stop getting your goons to advertise this shit on COSAB.
In response to Coolman1250
Coolman1250 wrote:
You was always a failed coder Brandon even back in the day, so stop getting your goons to advertise this shit on COSAB.

I apologize on the behalf of the staff that our "goons" were advertising Pokemon Bloodstone on COSAB.

Brandon had nothing to do with it, I can assure you. I did not have anything to do with it. You can see that the playerbase of the game is very low, I don't even play anymore. Again, I apologize.

One last thing, "You was always a failed coder". How dare you bring anyone down like that. What you said is the reason why there are suicides worldwide. How the fuck would you feel if your father or if your mother was told this and couldn't get back up because they were already having the worst week or month of their life? How would you feel if they committed suicide? The person who carried you for nine months. The people who gave you a roof over your head. How the fuck dare you say something like that you piece of shit.

You're probably going to rebuttal with a "They were too weak if they killed themselves. Why should I care?" And in case you are, don't even reply back with that kind of comment.

How would you feel if you knew you were the reason someone took their life?

Obviously, I went overboard. Main Point: Sorry, I hope whoever advertised was banned from your game.
http://www.byond.com/games/Masterdan_P/PokemonBloodstone I am hosting a 24/7 server for this game come tag along with the new adventures! :)
Anyone know where I can download the host files for this game? Was really cool back when it was hosted, so it'd be really nice to see it brought back up.
Not really sure whats going on with hosting. Have to ask an owner either Miles or Rofl for the host files. They won't just hand the host files out though and if you get them from Miles they won't be the newest version.
That's unfortunate to hear, but I suppose its worth a shot or two. Thanks for your help.
Does anyone know the keys, or usernames of any of the known previous hosters? I'd like to get in touch with them to try and see if we can set up a host. Thanks in advance, I really hope we can get this game back up!
Last 2 hosts were Roget123 and Xaddgx don't really remember the keys of the ones before them though sorry.
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