Era of The Shinobi

by Seventh
A Ninja Roleplay Game
I got the 200th comment! I am the best! :P
You must be very fun at parties <3
Server temporarily down again? I can't connect for some reason~ BUT I SEE PEOPLE ON. And this taunts me >:U
Wonder why the new server is actin so bluh~
It's funny how I just started playing for the first time today and the server goes down. Great first impression xD (Just kidding this game looks fucking awesome this shit won't stop me from playing)
Get used to the Server Crashing every other hour. It happens a lot with this game sometimes.
Dang it, I lost my super long rp Q.Q
I was just in the middle of Afking in the leaf XD
Wassup with the server??? I cant log in, all it says is connecting then the blue window just disappears. Is the server down?
i cant put my name in its 4 characters
ok so u dont have a reason to ban me Mazashi, Kazuroason thats why the reason for ban had nothing. not going to beg like others to get back in this game but i would say u abuse your power and u may be the end of this game. krazah needs to come back and host his own games because of abuse ps i just started yesterday so that says alot about u, banning new comers, u bug me in game on a roof and u argue with players wiel i am bug there to here this i had a rite to say queit feinds lasty please dont explain the lie of why u banned me it dont apply,at least not to me and thats that.
Ban avoid and how did i ban avoid?i just loged in if u are banned u cant log in so abuse with the ban button.and it was not stated how long i was banned.Like i said the problem is a lot of people get a little power and they think thier god in the byond in game world,good luck i dont beg and kiss up like other players to join any game i feel better beging to jesus a real GOD with that said also Tameroll was BANNED for ban avoid.
Connection died. lol lies this is my first ban in byond history ever and ive been here for years i dont normaly advertise but its the only way to stop abuse join me on rp unlimited so i can give a rate 4 the game but this game i give it a 4/10 by all means rate it for yourself i rated on a new player joining out look on help, treatment,and all around fun.The first inpression is the best one ps notice no bad words in this keep it that way.
Why is the game down ?
Who knows...
The server is down, apparently, because of a DDoS attack. With any luck it should be up soon, so please be patient.
<Banned. Please unban me, I'm sorry for what I did, but PLEASE I NEED TO PLAY EOTS ... I beg :(

My key banned: 14Hyuuga14
Game is down? :o Why?
I was wondering. Have you guys ever thought of making a PURE PvP version of this game? RP bores me to no end. -_-
I love looking at people advertise their sucky games on really awesome games.
I was banned by an admin for trolling what did I do you say. Well I used Mushi dama on someone just for the lols.Than this admin took away my jutsu so I was ok seems fair. Than this same admins decides to take it to far and also ban me. So If I could please have an unban by a fair and sensible admin I apologized for my trollish actions.
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