Dragonball Untold Sagas

by Gojahn
Dragonball Untold Sagas
Version 1.6, Guild Houses, New Scouter and Dragon Radar function and much more

Version 1.1

New Icons
Guild War System
Tournament System
Guild Summon Verb
GM House
Decent Lvling
Korin + HFIL Safe Zone
IT Learned at lvl 200
New Title Screen
Weights + HBTC + Gravity boosted :D
Weights + Machines + Walking Weights + Gravity Boosted
Boost in DBs and Quests
Multis Fixed and Even
Some Tech. Icons changed (e.g Kamehameha)
Tournament Bug Fixed
Spirit Ball Attack for Humans
Simulators Boosted
GM House Remapped (XD)
A lot of New Techs
Dragon, Kai, Saibaman race Added
LSSJ added(3% Chance when makin a Saiyan)
A lot of New icons
New Makyo race

Owner: Gojahn
Head Admin: Danny
GFXer(s): Looking for one
Coder: Looking for one
Iconner: None
Mapper: Gojahn
Low Enforcer : Blingking
Medium Enforcer: Argonaut
High Enforcer :
Master Enforcer :
Staff Council:
Owner : Gojahn and Danny(mainly Danny he pwns me and I'm a WOTS addict)

If you are caught remakin more then 3 times for LSSJ, it is a ban..
Can I be a GM?
Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

no no no no no no no no u cant im owner
Bobbyawesome wrote:
no no no no no no no no u cant im owner

Your only the owner of failure.
I can do the GFXing for you?