Shinobi Of Legend

by Saucepan Man
Shinobi of Legend (SoL) is a Ninja MMORPG. Set on an expansive map, players can train their characters to match their own unique playing style. Training can be done solo, co-op, or by just playing the game.
Source Files Released
Sadly, it's come time to move on from all the Drama of SoL. It's kinda sad what is being done to it all but such is the internet, filled with fake news and chats and whatnot. I wish I could share the type of person Fry is with you all but I suppose you'll all see one day. Or not.

In Any case! It's been a blast, enjoy SoL and do what you want with it. If you want to host it on here you are welcome to as well! hub password is "sol" (It should be defaulted to that for you to instant run)


Here is the link
( 1Z-u-WVCUjclqCRljwdxhx1wsYWAG89J1/view?usp=sharing)

Full disclaimer. I have no clue how the source will run but I went ahead and removed my name and all the code that links to my website and whatnot so it SHOULD all work, otherwise both SoL & SoL2 are all there and open for you!

Please be kind to the code. A vast majority of it is still from SPM himself, I never redid it all though I made a lot of QoL changes, there is still a lot there. Remember, this is the game you've all been playing for years and years and loved so don't go around hating it because you took a peak under the hood.

Have fun with it!

<3 Mystery

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Important 2-part Announcement (5/SEPT/2016) - The Future of SoL and Free Source Code!

Part 1
It's extremely overdue, but I've finally conceded that I (Saucepan Man) don't have time for this project any more :( Nor will I in the future.

It is with a measure of regret, as well as relief that I'm passing this on to long-time host/custodian of SoL - "Mystery".

He currently possesses the source files for SoL, and has access to and control of this hub. There is nothing you as players need to do differently. The significance of this announcement is that hopefully the game will see some updates an progress.

My apologies to any previous/current staff member with whom I didn't discuss this move with. You guys have made SoL an amazing community and have driven the game's progress more than you probably realise. Everyone that appreciates this game owes you all a lot.
In recognition of this, you will retain your staff access/special privileges (subject to the 'direction' of the project. e.g. less reliance on a GM presence).

Part 2
I had tried to make a new project, to be a successor to SoL. But for the same reasons, this new project is being discontinued. The ambition was for it to be a more polished and easier-to-play game. Ideally compatible with a gamepad, without losing the complexity of all the spells, abilities, classes, and character paths.

Instead of letting it go to waste, I've posted it online for all to use, for free. I'm not a coding wizard, so apologies if there are dumb mistakes in it. That being said, it runs well and has a much prettier creation/login screen than SoL ever did (I did spend over 2 weeks on it alone). The controls are simpler, and the spells code is modular - in the sense that you only need to add 'variables' to create a new spell - which makes updating and adding spells super easy compared to other methods. Overall, it would have been a great game, if I had a hyperbolic time chamber to code it in.

Please be aware that, while I'm not a particularly great coder, the code involved is fairly tricky, so I wouldn't recommend it for new coders. Also, I won't be providing a guide on it etc. - You're on your own, sorry!

Here is the link (!g4Y31YJL!ki_LazPbSX71x1RFZYaFhlaYJOAhn0-n0 DCf1NU4q-g)

Download contains any and all assets for it - I'm holding nothing back from you guys. I relinquish all claim to intellectual property to the extent that it exists. Obviously any I.P. claim by FUNimation etc could be a thing. Removing Naruto images and renaming things will more or less free you up to create a for-profit game.

Thanks for everything guys, it was a blast!
- SPM</3>
its a pretty good game =)
this game is gewd
Sex Pls?
this game owns GOA !
This game is epic as all hell.
GOA is better...
Lucy_uk wrote:
GOA is better...

Gtfo noob.
Original. Shall i say more?
this game is way better then goa but the player and npc and skill iconing is considerbly better

ps: this gmaes map rapes goa's makes the game for interesting and fun
Lucy_uk wrote:
GOA is better...

Lucy your a nice person but your wrong by far.
I never even played this game and I can tell you your wrong.
GOA is better.
This game is really good, and just by being non rip it deserves one big prize. =) I recomend it
........*cough* *cough* *cough*
what the heck ...Reapers Pawn isnt even my key name......
i really like this game its really good most of the gms are good... >.>.

Yut Put wrote:
It was weird, with many recognizable unoriginal icons from a popular turf pack(No credit given to the owner), a HUGE amount of verbs, poorly done overlays and programming, among with other things. I thought it was a rip until I read the hub. This isn't a negative comment so much as a "Why is this game so popular" comment.

the game is so popular bc its style is alot diff from rips. yut i played ur nartuo game it sucked =/ sry to be blunt it was so boring, confusing at first also. this game has great hint guides, a fun training system with SC, no kages which is rare on games but i like it bc kages r usually jerks. its community is fairly fun when they rnt trying to kill each other and most gms r good and fun to be around.

a great non rip game
Saucepan Man wrote:
Dude, I said not to spam -_-'
That issue is for the forums. It is not a comment on the game.
Would you have done the same thing for anyone if you were in that GM's shoes? And if the answer is "No I would have given them items" - You wouldn't be a member of staff on SoL. Of course they need proof.
If you genuinely believe otherwise: call the cops now and pretend that youve had a Playstion3, xbox 360, Wii and 3 HD TVs all stolen. And tell them to replace them. Use their laughter as a guide to how wrong you are.
Not only do I 100% not care that you had to spend a little bit of your game money - but it is highly unlikely there was an alternative solution.
The topic is moot anyway: I'm not willing to help out someone with such a bad attitude - There is no room for your inadequate assumptions, guesswork and asinine remarks on SoL.

I notice you failed to succeed in my challenge to not look silly.
If you intend to make any more comments, please try employing punctuation.

wow this is how u treat players then, you dont actually giving a crap with issues they've had and its no wonder why you'v got fail gms that are afk most of the time on your game
Dam this game needs a full time host its the best Naruto game i've seen on byond but if the game isnt up then its not even ranked
Forum's down for some reason. Just want to let everyone know the updates will come as promised and I haven't left the game. Will probably make myself available to the GMs next week or the week after.
its my GF's 21st this thursday. ANd i only get thurs and fri off (and inevitably end up workin my second job those nights anyway)
So Maybe the week after.
In any case, rest easy SoL, I refuse to leave or die without releasing a GoA-killing version of SoL.
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