Resident Evil Online BETA

by Richy221
Resident Evil Online BETA
Team up with others and take on partners for teamwork in this fast paced zombie killing spree gauranteed to satisfy that itch for zombie killing
New host files
I am currently working on Version 3 of REOB Its going to have a few new monsters to the party that your already in. Each character will be equipped with a PDA to send messages to friends in game keeping your conversations private and also a few secret things so bare with me Ill try to finish this update as soon as possible!!!
Version 3 is out now!

now to work on getting medals on here.....
There is gona be a massive pwipe for REOB's ver 3.5 release
But what bad happens there is something good and that is there will be a bunch of new things coming to REOB on 3.5 so be on the look out for the details ill post them somewhere at some point.

Release date schedule Reob v.3.5:Nov1-6
version 3.5 is gona be updated here later than i thought i will keep you guys posted >.>
Medals are for show right now we are working on putting them in game
ok so i deleted the authentication pass for now so you guys wont see the medals. so for now as we work on the update for REOB v.3.6 u can play v.3.5

the reason no live games showed was because of that password authentication thingy. i just found that out x.x so ya.

everything should be ok now with showing live games
u should have someone host 24/7
oh and btw wat do i have to do in order to get admin
oh and btw wat do i have to do in order to get admin
lol the host got banned by the autohost in this game
lmao he should delete the world saves in his host files i think and that will get him unbanned

either that or msg me to join his server and i can unban him
REOB v4 files are now up and running so be sure to dl those
v. 4.7 is now out!
Delete your reob folder fron your byondfolder to update

new screen should have chris and sheva in it if its jill and chris ur using wrong version
looks pretty badass
wow you have outdone urself... you deserve a huge cookie... and kudos... anyway be sure to check out biohazard after i find a host...
plz online 24/7
im hosting this game 24/7 but if nobody joins then whats tha use of hostin
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