Resident Evil Online BETA

by Richy221
Resident Evil Online BETA
Team up with others and take on partners for teamwork in this fast paced zombie killing spree gauranteed to satisfy that itch for zombie killing
Psst Rich fix your broken codes =o
wow o_0 >.> -cough- sup
holy shit its Slaught. o.o
Hey Man What happened to all the old resident evil online fun. >_> seems like everyone left this to die. As One of the older first resident evil online players, i do say it really sucks to see these games just die. x-x what happened.
Got Byond, had a serious case of nostalgia and return to the game where I spent some of my child hood gaming. Sucks it's becoming a dying breed.
Someone who knows how to host and open their ports needs to host... So lame, people would play...
I got a stable host btw. Heard Cody logged on today for a bit. Host name is Chad. Only a few people have been playing though.. :( Went through all that and hardly anyone has come. Need a map maker for REO Beta.
I'm glad someone hosted,even if it was for awhile it seemed.

At any rate,I'm pretty sure once we start getting in some of the old fans they'll bring in their friends and hopefully that'll continue on and we'll have a somewhat' decent playerbase-again.

I appreciate everyone trying.

Randomly hosting dead games cause im bored as fuck
ive been mostly on steam so msg me there and ill see what i can do about this game
anyone want to bring this game back to life, host a bit maybe, convince some friends to play. i'd hate to see this game die as i come back to byond
Yeah seriously guys learn how to host so you can be the host of this game, I wanna play but everyones server doesnt connect.
Id love for it to come back to life, ill check my router in a lil bit so i can open a port.
Is this game coming back? I use to love playing it.
I take it this game isn't coming back to life anymore? I used to play it a lot years ago and I still remember some of the people I played with. It would be amazing if there was a stable host again.
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