Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Wrath of the Vongola

by TheVongola10th
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Wrath of the Vongola
WotV is a game inspired by one of the best unrecognized Anime out there.
Currently WotV is going through some heavy development. It's going through many changes and many fixes, we are working to make this game into something incredible. Hopefully when this is finished the game will embody several key game components:

-Easy Play-ability
-A fun Gaming Environment
-A balanced Game Environment
-To be as Bugless as possible
-Original Icons

Currently we are looking for those who would help in this endeavor, if you are an iconner with even mediocre skill and wish to contribute then please contact us.

As is we are currently completely reworking the fabric of the game from the ground up, and we are working hard to get this new version up and running as soon as possible, but as there is so much to do we cannot at this time give a solid time frame as to when this will be released. However we ask the players to please be patient with us as we continue to strive for perfection in the game, unfortunately since we plan to put all our resources and time to the creation of this new version their will be no updates or bug fixes to the current version, yes I know there are many, and many of them are frustrating and game-breaking, but that is why we need The Overhaul, so once again I ask that you please be patient with us and look forward to the release of Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Wrath of the Vongola! Version 2.


Okay. Well. It seems the management of KHR:WOTV is going through some management issues once again, but first of all, Org has been blacklisted, mainly for advertising his game on my pages page. Second, I need two things, Viable hosts and a hub designer, I am not good with such things and Org was so kind as too delete mine to advertise his game. Until such a time I will be the one to host. That is all, Thanks, TheVongola10th.
when the game ill be back?
Will the game be up today?
when the game go back this is my favorite game and i are with Longing, please back :'(
hmmm a host have you found one at this moment
I was hosting before... I went on vacation to Cali, & didn't know that the server went down... Could have contacted me or something. I would have brought it back up since I have access to my PC remotely.
why did the game go down?
Why can't I connect to the game? >.<
May I host your game 24/7? 'Cuz Katekyo Hitman Reborn is my Favorite anime of all! :D
It not :o. Nice game btw
What's the percent on the game being finished?
At this time I would say somewhere between 2%-4%, if you mean for first "playable" version I would say around 7%. Give me 3 weeks and I think I will have a Playable version, but without artists it will Not be pretty.
cant wait shika
Hows the game going?
I can icon.
Hope the Game will be back soon :D
... Game going slow because im not iconning anymore im not helping byond whatsoever until i have a useful game i could play ...
In response to The Evil Marik
hey if u guys need some1 to host i could do it i love this game and use to play it every day due to circumstances i have alot of free time so i could host :/
Hello, I was wondering how long will it be until this game is done?

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