The Elemental Stone

by Pyro_dragons
The Elemental Stone
An ancient power has been unsealed and mana fuels the world yet again. Can you control the mana and master the elements?
I just wanted to let you know that I love this game. Waiting for the server to go up ;)
the owner should let us download
this thing
Agreed Satan666!
@_@ Awesome.
Great game keep up the good work and whens it gonna be back up?
So i want to help icon and want to talk to you Asch
great game amazing
i love it game my level is 54 im play all day back of server plese
did the game die or something cause it hasnt been up in over a month and i cant find anything on the forums about this
It didn't die as much as every time asch beats a game he wanted that came out, another one does :S
give me the host files ill put it on my shell server for free i just want it up Q_Q
There is a reason why it isn't up right now. I can't tell you, but there is one.

But trust me, it hasn't been abandoned. Everyone will hear from us again soon.
alright i can wait :l
I'm still assuming things here are still a go? I remember playing TES back years ago, and I'm sad that it's been down a long while. If things are still in development, it would be really cool if you could pop in every few months and let us know you're alive. ;D
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Pyro how come the game isnt up anymore? can anyone get the source files or host files to host?? It would be amazing if you made like a old source file pack thing available for people if they wanted to keep the game going.
We are still working on the game. It's not dead yet. You'll see soon enough. It's taking time as life tends to get in the way. We don't have enough to show yet, though.
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Could you add me on pager?
Well... when will this game ever come back up.
When the art is done being made. Not dead yet.
Well I look forward to it coming live once more. I use to play it awhile back. I miss it dearly, would you have an estimate as to when it will be up? Why caan't you host a older version so the players have something to play while you're updating...
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