Harvest Moon: Life on the Farm

by Naokohiro
Harvest Moon: Life on the Farm
A unique and intuitive take on Harvest Moon for BYOND.
This game will allow you to immerse yourself in a fun and natural farming life throughout the seasons.
It is based on ideas from Harvest Moon games and the Rune Factory games for a lot of content.
The game is currently in beta stages, but I assure you it is still playable, and there are a lot of things for you to do.


01/03/09 - Beta 1.01 - Added a new map and a new feature where the players all get their own farm to work on without being bothered. Other features and bug fixes, too.

01/04/09 - Beta 1.02 - Player-made fences can now be jumped over. You can now expand your farm after you've paid off your initial debt. Now, when you adjust the level of a tool, it actually does something. If you hold down Z, you will hold your currently equipped tool up, and it will show the area that the tool covers at its currently set level.
-Beta 1.02a - Fixed a small axe bug.

01/07/09 - Beta 1.03 - Female graphics have been added, so female players will now look like this:
Also added some fixes for Winter, now it is white with snow, and you can play in Winter without problems.

01/08/09 - Beta 1.03a - Small fix that didn't allow people to be mayors.

01/18/09 - Added a forum where you can now post suggestions and bugs.
- Beta 1.03b - A few bugfixes, including the eggplant harvest bug.

01/19/09 - Beta 1.04 - Added a Who's Online command. Now, instead of the Mayor controlling when the next day will start, the players must use a command when they are ready, and the next day will start when at least 2/3's are ready. I've expanded the map of the game, and now there are 28 different farms for players to use. Various IP checks have been added. Pressing spacebar returns focus to the input box. Various bugs have been fixed. View more details of Beta 1.04 in the forums.

01/20/09 - Beta 1.04a - Slight bugfixes.

Current things you can do:

-Farm: Grow crops, and take care of a farm.
-Fish: Fish in the river and catch fish to make some extra money.
-Build: Build fences and signs to assign yourself territory.
-Roleplay: Have fun with the community beyond the mere gameplay!

This game, all graphics, and all themes within are copyright © Victor Interactive Software/Natsume®/Nintendo® and any other copyright holders.
huh why is the live version summer not spring?
J3XTAN wrote:
huh why is the live version summer not spring?

when every1 month its a new weather like spring summer ever time it hits 31st of a month its swtich's to another kind of weather
Naokohiro can I be a co-owner i like hosting this game?
When are you going to update more? ^w^ Its fun and I'm exited for the new update.
=.= i know theres seasons...and never mind live = some1 is hosting thats why its not the same as launching the new game mode
Kaii_Li wrote:
When are you going to update more? ^w^ Its fun and I'm exited for the new update.

Naokohiro is busy so dont expect updates that soon
what is an update is that when the game is improved or just better gameplay?
An update is when the game gets improved in any way possible
this game has lots of potential :P
I know its what first got me hooked on harvest moon
You make me feel all warm and fuzzy.
I really like the game, it has great features... really something to do on a wet day.

An update is a change to the previous version. Doesn't neccessarly mean anything is better.

As for this game, it is a pretty fun one. I'd like to see a town(which is supposed to be in the next update). Also, it would be pretty cool if it was a type of, build where ever there is grass type of system. However, the way it is works fine and is actually just as fun. Like I said, lacking a town.

Also.. A 24/7 server please :(!?!?!?!?
great game but can you make it so you can go in your house and sleep for skip to next day vote.and add some npcs too plz.
I hope it'll be 24/7 soon :)
very great this game