In the Hood

by Polatrite
This is what happens when aliens are low on victims...
Two warring alien groups.

One house targetted for assimilation.

The Hoods are fighting over who gets to assimilate the poor vacationing victims of various villas (In the Hood). Play as a Hood, an unusual warmongering species of alien, specializing in one of seven preset classes, or subscribe and customize your Hood to your liking. But most of all, have fun with multiple modes, including Capture the Flag, Bloodbath, and King of the Hill! More coming soon!

May the best Hood win!

*** Subscriptions ***

Big news! Subscriptions aren't availible right now. Why? Because they are free! That's right. You get all the subscriber bonuses for free, and you don't even have to do anything! For a limited time only!

Are they there just to rip you off? Not in this Hood. Subscribing in Hood gets you a virtual plethora of goodies to play with. The most important, though, is customizable characters. Why have speed demon when you could have giant axes AND speed? Or how about a demon healer, with a posion kit and a starbeam kit? You can mix and match 3 weapon slots and 2 accessory slots however you see fit, choosing items from all the other classes. Plus you have access to all the subscriber only weapons! All this for a mere two bucks a month. Can you resist?
This game is misleading.