Bleach Meets Naruto & Co.

by Cantol
A game that is white So I need all the help i can get!
This game Is a naruto game. We have a Head Coder but we still need people to help.

Owner: Cantol
GM Captain:
GM Level 15:Cantol
GM Level 14:
GM Level 13:
GM Level 12:
GM Level 11:
GM Level 10:
GM Level 9:
GM Level 8:
GM Level 7:
GM Level 6:
GM Level 5:
GM Level 4:
GM Level 3:
GM Level 2:
GM Level 1:
GM Rookie:

Iconner: No Clue
Coder: No clue
Host: When it is coded i need people to host


Hoyuushakage:Cantol ( Hoyuusha means owner)
(To Be Continued )

Orgs orgs orgs!!!!

You need the Member's Clans likewise.
Akatsuki Madara Leader :
Akatsuki Nagato Co-leader :
Akatsuki Konan:
Akatsuki Itachi:
Akatsuki Kisame:
Akatsuki Deidara:
Akatsuki Sasori:
Akatsuki Tobi:
Akatsuki Hidan:
Akatsuki Kakuzu:
Akatsuki Orochimaru:

To get in you have to have the Bijuu named for the spot.Leader Requires Kyuubi and Uzumaki. Co-leader Shuukaku and Sand User

Jinchuriken 9 Kyuubi Leader:
Jinchuriken 8 Hachibi:
Jinchuriken 7 Nanabi:
Jinchuriken 6 Rokubi:
Jinchuriken 5 Gobi:
Jinchuriken 4 Yonbi:
Jinchuriken 3 Sanbi:
Jinchuriken 2 Nibi:
Jinchuriken 1 Ichibi Co Leader:

Sound 5 Leader(Kimmimaro):
Sound 4 Co-Leader(Sakon):
Sound 3 Member(Tayuya):
Sound 2 Member(Kidomaru):
Sound 1 Member(Jirobo):


Hawk Leader(Sasuke):
Hawk Co-leader(Sugietsu):
Hawk Member(Karin):
Hawk Co-captain(Jugo):
There are allowed 10 members in hawk.

Squad 0 Captain:
Squad 1 Captain:
Squad 2 Captain:
Squad 3 Captain:
Squad 4 Captain:
Squad 5 Captain:
Squad 6 Captain:
Squad 7 Captain:
Squad 8 Captain:
Squad 9 Captain:
Squad 10 Captain:
Squad 11 Captain:
Squad 12 Captain:
Squad 13 Captain:
Gotei 13 Captain and Soul Society Leader:
Squad 0 Co-Capt:
Squad 1 Co-Capt:
Squad 2 Co-Capt:
Squad 3 Co-Capt:
Squad 4 Co-Capt:
Squad 5 Co-Capt:
Squad 6 Co-Capt:
Squad 7 Co-Capt:
Squad 8 Co-Capt:
Squad 9 Co-Capt:
Squad 10 Co-Capt:
Squad 11 Co-Capt:
Squad 12 Co-Capt:
Squad 13 Co-Capt:
Gotei 13 and Soul Society Co-Leader:

Note: Only admins and gms can join the Hoyuusha village.
You should change the name because it closely resembles my game..only one word different

Naruto enter the sage <--Mine

Naruto enter the sage mode: <--Ur's

Just a suggestion