Games You Named

by Kingmasherr
Games You Named
The Games that you named are here! Yes thats right, every game you like or can make up can be made here! So come and enjoy it!
Here is will be about in the future

Theres a whole bunch of games. Like Pac - Man, Infection, Tag, Hide n' Seek, and by play all theese games they get points such as Medal Points and Stat Points.

Medal Points obviously are used to buy Medals.

Stat Points are used to raise your stats.

Now included in the game there is the Arena. Theese stat points can be used there. There will be a shop verb so when you gain Skill Points you can go there and buy HP Potions, Strength Potions, Defense Potions, Weapons, and more!

Skill Points, you can buy stuff like Swords, Armour, Potions to raise your stats, and all you simply do is fight there.

The game never stop updating unless all players stop suggesting new games!

Current Features : Tank
Games Under Construction : Tag
Coming Soon : Hide N' Seek, Pac-Man, and Infection.


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Don't play it sucks.
its unavalible so how do i make a \Game