Ninja's Legacy

by Question Mark Inc
24/7 Lag Free Shell Server. Great GMs, no abuse. Pure fun, based off of the Naruto series.

Ninja's Legacy

We, the Ninja's Legacy team would like to announce to the public that we striving to break away from the pack.

This old look, is packed with a new feel that you WILL NOT find anywhere else.

Our Current Status

The game has been inactive since early 2010, due to bugs that ultimately brought the game down.

The Team

Black Star(Rebellion 666), Owner/Icon Artist/Mapper/Coder/Gfx Artist

Karas(King Karas)Owner/Coder/Hub Developer/Mapper

Ky2731 (Ky2731)

Moderators: ----

--General Player Rules--

1.Respect the admins, they are there to help you. If you have a problem, ask them, but don't spam it.

2.Respect other players. Just because they're insulting you and others doesn't mean you should too. Just turn your chats off and play the game

3. Do not death avoid. (IE log out or spawn-warp to avoid deaths)

4. Do not spam OOC

5. Racism is not acceptable.

6. Refrain from posting links to pornography, shock images, excessively mature videos/images, etc. You will recieve a warning if you post something of this nature, although, the GM's reserve the right to ban you if they deem the post to be over the line.

7. Avoid using excessive capital letters.

8. Any bug abuse will result in a ban

9. Do not ask for a clan change, or jutsus.

10. Use common sense; If you are about to ask a question and you think a GM will say no, then don't ask it.

11. Do not block entrances in the game.

12. Listen to the admins and GMs. If they tell you to do something, please don't waste their time by arguing, its extremely annoying.

13. We ask that you only speak English on OOC. Three warnings will be given to those who do not abide by this rule before a mute is given.

14. The GM's reserve the right to add/change rules at their discretion. If a rule is changed, you will be obligated to follow it.

15. No character trading or giving, it will result in the deletion of any character involved, we do not support people growing egos on characters they didn't earn.

And of COURSE, no outside programs allowed in the use of training in this game, it results in the instant deletion of your player file along with the banning of your IP and key.

This includes AFK training.

This game will set it self apart from the others, give it a chance

Sit tight for more amazing things to come!

Be sure to register on our forum.

Ranking Policy:

The staff of Ninja's Legacy believes that people should rank games only if they love the game and think it deserves to be ranked, and as a result we do not offer rank bonuses. It is important to us that we obtain an honest, fair rank and that our work is gauged and evaluated with integrity; we are against the unfair ranking that rank boosts cause.

Because we do not offer ranking bonuses, it is obvious that our rank truly reflects the success and quality of our game, and it shows that we did not have to resort to bribing our players to get to where we are today. All the same, we hope our players will rank our game to support us, but only if they feel we deserve it and if they love our game; not because they were offered cheap in-game advantages.

We also encourage other games to take our stance to make rankings fair. If you support our belief feel free to copy this message into your Hub.

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