Rise Of The Pirates(Pre Alpha)

by King Lucifer
Rise Of The Pirates(Pre Alpha)
Pirates! Marines, Bounty hunters?! Join the super powerd adventure! Coming soon.


4/26 (Ky2731)
Massive updates are on their way! Alpha's arrival is in our site and we are making changes to the game to appease FUNimation. Stay further up-to-date here or visit our forum.***

4/12 (Ky2731)
The Ban and Mute appeal requirements have been modified. Check them out!
(Click Here).

Game Rules (Players):
You agree to the following, whenever you join the game.

1 - Please respect other players and the staff of the game. No: racism, repeated insulting, excessive provoking, etc.

2 - Avoid repeating the same message in any chat.

3 - English is the only language allowed in OOC. You are welcome to speak otherwise in say and guild chat.

4 - One Piece character names are not allowed as user names (exmple: Luffy, Zoro, Nami, etc.)

5 - Exploiting the game's bugs will result in a ban from the game or a character wipe. If you are told not to use a verb or technique, please respect this, the staff of the game has their reasons. All bugs should be reported to the Bugs section.***

6 - No AFK Training or using programs to train your character. If your character is doing anything, you have to be active on your computer.

7 - Death avoiding is prohibited! (Logging off, before someone can kill you or joining a mini game or entering a safe zone where you cannot be killed.) After fighting with someone, you must wait 15 seconds before logging out or entering a safe zone.

8 - No character trading or giving, it will result in the deletion or banning of any character involved.

9 - When using the "Watch" verb, you are not allowed to give away a player's location to another participant of the event. This verb is for your entertainment purposes only.

10 - Keep all One Piece spoilers out of OOC. If you are intentionally trying to spoil someone's enjoyment of the manga or show, you will be either muted or banned.

11 - Do not block entrances; excluding mini games!

12 - Do not evade mutes. If you were muted, do not speak on any character that you possess. This will result in a boot.

13 - Please do not post links to other games in OOC. Feel free to talk about other games, but do not directly advertise.

Game Rules (Game's Staff):

1 - Do not abuse your verbs. If you wish to report a game master, do so here.***

2 - Treat all players fairly and respect their thoughts and suggestions.

3 - Help out or get out!

4 - All Player rules apply to the staff of the game.

Rules subject to change.

***Note: On the forum you must register before viewing, creating, and replying to topics.

The Crew:

  • Black Star (King Lucifer) - Owner, Programmer, Mapper, Pixel Artist
  • Arashin X (GoGo123) - Co-Owner, Pixel Artist

  • Aya (Sexymisamisa) - Co-Owner, Pixel Artist
  • Ky2731 (Ky2731) - Staff Member, Hub Developer, Pixel Artist


  • Shade (Nagreckio)
  • Hermit (Davidinho)
  • Jayson (Labill808)


  • Goro (Twiztidlotus21)
  • Spade (AmaroUchiha)
  • Kan (Quincy Princy)

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